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  1. Hello guys! Long time lurker here. I'm the kind of guy that really wants to keep game communities active and on their feet. I've been an active tournament organizer in my city (a big city in Finland), and have hosted and covered expenses for big tournaments of several different games, as well as held monthly tournaments for many others. This includes titles like Age of Empires 2, Hearthstone, Netrunner, Warmachines/Hordes et cetera. Now that BattleForge is coming back, I immediately wanted to do the same. In my experience tournaments with actual rewards are something that keep a community active and healthy, with both new players coming in and old ones staying longer. Motivation and competition are always a good thing for game communities, and many old, underground RTS games gain big player spikes whenever there is a tournament with actual rewards. What I did was contact some old BattleForge buddies of mine, and what we thought of is founding a group of volunteers that would hold and fund both smaller monthly tournaments and bigger tournaments. It's something we've done before, something we love doing and something we can do for the community as a whole, as volunteers. So, who's with me? Should we make a separate discord channel or something to discuss and take care of organizing? Two or three people can already easily manage the infrastructure of tournament organizing, and the more people we have volunteering or just pledging some rewards to tournament pools, the more we can ensure we'll have exciting tournaments, good rewards and a motivational goalpost for everyone in the community. I intend to gift steam games to top contenders direclty after tournaments, and you are free to give what you please, as you please and how you please. Another way of volunteering would be casting and/or streaming tournament matches. EDIT: Mainly talking about online tournaments here. If we would be able to pull off IRL tournaments that would be cool, but I think it's a bit early to be thinking about that. Cheers

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