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  1. My friens and i wanted to play a match 2 vs 2, but after the invite to that, the game crasht for all of us. But thats the only issue i have seen. I hav played most of the time tha single player camapign and this one worked great. Even 2 or 3 PvE Fights on random Maps and these even worked rlly fine for me. So pls go on and bring the server up, as fast as you can!

  2. Yesterday i started playing Skylords Reforged. Im excited about, what you are doing here and thought about make a German speaking Video (im from Germany omfg :O XD) to get more People see this and to get more Players to the Game. I hope all of you can support my Game Play only with a like or an sub to my Account, so that the Video get higher Rates on YT and frequently shown up on Google. Here is the Video i made:



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