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  1. It's so weird. I tried to max out the fps with OC and killing non needed tasks. I also deactivated the nvidia ingame panel, but the results are quite odd. I got from max fps with low min fps to high min fps and low max fps CPU and GPU are quite the same in every run While fps ratios are keep rolled by dice. The 5xxer's are before I killed nearly every non gaming related process. The last few runs where stable at a maximum of <500 fps I still got no idea why these fps countings are this unconsistent at all.
  2. Only in the first frames. Guess it's from Screen capturing (fps hook). It's the same on my Notebook. While/after the black screen when loading the map, I get real low fps, then stable high fps. I usually don't even notice it anyway besides being listed as min fps. Power Option System @EDIT: This Effects every Game I play btw.
  3. Usually I play with V-Sync enabled, but for benchmarking purpose I temporary disabled it. My Poweroptions My General System
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