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Ways For Relacing Your Hiking Boots

In the past, I didn’t care too much about shoe-tying and my laces. But, I had changed my mind after knowing that some lacing tricks could help my feet feel more comfortable when wearing Best Rated Hiking Boots for a long day.

I enjoyed these ways’ performances and effects, so I want to share them with you in the rest of this post.

Before learning in detail, let’s take a look at the necessary information about these ways. How can they help you relieve your foot discomfort:

Surgeon’s knot is a simple and versatile method, keeping your heel from slipping.

Window lacing can relieve your top of the foot’s pressure points.

Toe-relief lacing is a stopgap remedy that can get your feet back to the trailhead.

Note: Keep in mind that these techniques can’t turn an unfitted pair of hiking boots into a fitted pair.

Surgeon’s knot

If the top of your foot is too heavy, it’s straightforward to be slipping. Thus, you need to cinch down your hiking boots and make 2 surgeon’s knots to keep them in place. Here are five steps to perform these knots:

Pull out all slack in the laces as long as the hiking boots can snug over the top of your foot.

Determine 2 pairs of the closet lace hooks to where the top of your foot flexes forward. At this point, let you tie the surgeon’s knots.

Remember to wrap the laces around each one twice before tightening it. While performing, make sure to directly run the lace to the next hook in order to lock the tension of each knot.

With the next highest set of lace hooks, you need to repeat step three.

Apply your usual way to finish lacing the rest of your hiking boots.


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Window lacing

If, after tying, your hiking boots produce a pressure point on the top of your foot, you should apply the window lacing method to solve this problem:

Unlace your hiking boots down to the hooks below the pressure points.

Relace by passing to the next hook and crossing the laces over.

Use the usual way to finish lacing. For a snugger hold, you are able to tie a surgeon’s knot at the upper edge and lower edge of your ”window.

Toe-relief lacing

If your toes are hurt, this way might be useful to relieve pressure in your toe box:

Unlace your hiking boots completely.

Lace them back up, but don’t lace the first set of hooks to relieve pressure in your toe box.

In case these ways can’t help your feet feel more comfortable when hiking, perhaps, it’s time for you to change new pairs of boots.

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If your hiking boots come with long laces, which allow you to do any lacing techniques, it’s so great. However, in the event of a short lace, you might need to invest in a new long one.

Are your laces worn out?

If so, replace a new pair of laces. Pay attention to pick up one that can match the hooks’ shape (flat, oval, or round).

Not all The Best Hiking Boots can give you the most comfortable wearing experiences. With any problems with your feet, applying these lacing techniques can help you in any way they can.

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