Hello and welcome to the BattleForge Community! Here be some fine booty!   The reason you're here can be either because you have never played BattleForge before or have met its community, or you are a returning community member; so it's either been a while or been never at all. So why not (re-) introduce yourselves and meet up with old and new friends, well-known members and newcomers?   I'll start off with myself. I'm MrXLink and I'm a Dragon (or well, I am extremely obsessed with them...) from the Netherlands and I've played BattleForge since just after their closed beta. Some of you may know me as an official BattleForge forum moderator back in the days, hunting for spambots and keeping things nice. Well, it seems I have been promoted and am now community manager, admin and designer within the BattleForge Reborn team, and I am honoured to have this position. I'll be here just as much as a happy community member as I will be resuming my former moderator job. I'm very interested in game development so yeah, guess that will work out. Besides working on this project I am additionally mostly active in games like Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Civilization, Diablo III and many other random games. And soon... hopefully back into BF! Either way I'm glad to be back!   ...so what about you guys and gals?