Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and other Skythings! Skylords Reborn is currently in an Open Stress Test phase, which means we're not 100% free of bugs. Bugs can still occur! In case you find a bug in the game, observe what is going on in detail, and then the first thing you do is to check whether your bug is about a feature implemented on the devplatform ( Then, browse the forums in order to see whether your bug has already been reported in the "Report a bug" forum board. If it has been reported already, if you have any additions, feel free to reply to said topic but refrain from creating a new one. For example, there is no need for a response to a bug thread like "I experience this problem too". If you have nothing to add, leave said topic alone and move along.  Make sure you're not reporting any bug about a feature that is not yet in the game, such as the availability of 12-player maps or Ranked PvP in the early open stress test stages! Has your bug not been reported yet? Create a thread in the "Report a Bug" forum board and fill out the form below. Please do this as soon as you encounter a bug, so that it logs the date on the forum boards. The topic name should be named "<SEVERITY>_-_<NAME>" as indicated by the form below. NAME: [Enter a short title for the bug. It should be clear, and directly pointing out what the bug does. E.G. "Group Chat Inaccessible" or "Can not U3 upgrade Firesworn"] SEVERITY: [How severe is the bug? Classify severity as 1 if the bug prevents you from continuing and/or is triggered with a frequently used action, like a disconnect (D/C) every time you try to chat in trade. Use severity 2 in case the bug prevents you from continuing at a lower frequency or a more complicated action being required, such as a D/C every once in a while when you remove a specific upgrade. Use severity 3 if the bug is minor, does not hinder playing the game directly, is cosmetic, or basically anything that has really low priority and does not cover severity 1 and 2.] LOCATION: [Where does the bug happen? The forge, the chat, auction house, collection, lorebook, etc.] REPRODUCIBILITY: [Always try to reproduce the bug, try making it happen again. Try to reproduce each bug at least 2 times after the first encounter. In case of bugs that do not always recur, try to reproduce it more often. This field should contain a ratio, like "2/3" or "6/10", or in case of something that is always reproducible, "ALWAYS", and for no reproducibility "NONE"] DESCRIPTION: [Provide a detailed description of the problem] SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: [Always try to provide an appropriately named screenshot or video with the bug as clearly in play as possible. Link it, upload it, or attach it. It's not a big problem if you can't, but you are encouraged to try it. All videos uploaded on youtube need to be uploaded as unlisted] ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: [Any other notes go here, such as possible fixing suggestions, ideas, etc.] An example for the bug will be posted at the end of this post. Do not report bugs solely through Discord, Facebook, or any other medium. We want all reports securely in one place, which will be the "Report a bug" forum board, and nowhere else. In the end, all bug reports that have not been logged there may as well be disregarded. Here's an example bug report: Feel free to report your bugs here and only here. Our subforums are meant for developers to have a proper bug backlog, and cannot be used by regular users, only viewed. Please abide by the bug report template, and you should be fine. Staff reserves the right to ignore, delete or issue warnings for your report if it does not abide by this template or naming conventions. Mind that some bugs are inherent from the old game! Things like card descriptions, animation bugs, card ability bugs, and pretty much anything that is wrong with the game files rather than server communications. These bugs are Client-sided. There is a special client-sided section in the bug report section; new bugs that are considered client-sided will be moved here if the developers consider it to be.
You can create a bug report topic by clicking here, make sure to follow the above instructions:;do=add 

That being said, thank you for making the world of Nyn a safer, more stable place! Your reports are most appreciated, and we'll do what we can to help out and put your feedback to good use!