Opening Tournament     Hello guys, I think it would be nice to have a tournament right after the start of SR so we can all play the first games together. The basic rule would be: only use the starter cards from the starter decks (well we wont have any other cards at that time) When will it be? Right after the official start of BFR, when no bugs disturb the tournament. Categories: PvP: 1v1, 2v2 PvE: fastest Map of the Month at highest possible level (4 players), fastest finish of the tutorial map   PvE is open for anyone, PvP needs registration for organisation reasons. Replays must be saved. If you register now, you will most likely recive a PM before the tournament with more infromation. Also registering now does not guarantee a spot in the tournament. The final registration will be shortly before the tournament, but as said you will get a PM with this if you register now.   Price (not confirmed by devs, though they said it would be possible to sponsor some) 1v1: 1. Disenchant green 2. Hurricane 3-4. Coldsnap and ashbone. If they want the same then they fight for it.   2v2 1. Homesoil + 4 Ice Barriers and Mine 2. Earthshaker and Ensnaring roots 3-4 2x(Coldsnap and curse of oink)   4rPvE 1. 8x Shadow Phoenix, 4x Ashbone,CM, LSS, Motivate, Embalmer's 2. 4x Eruption, 4x Nomad, 4x Breeding grounds, 4x Regrowth, 4xFurnace, 4xPhoenix 3. 4x Oink, 4x Breeding grounds, 4x Regrowth, 4x Eruption   Tutorial PvE 1. 1 uncommon, 6 common cards of your choice + bfp for 1/2 of a booster, 40 of each tokentype 2. 5 common cards of your choice, 20 of each token type 3. 3 common card of your choice, 10 of each token type   The Rules - Only starterdeck cards. But in any combination. Upgrades NOT allowed (check the opponents decklevel, before you start the game!) - PvP needs registration. Before the start of the tournament I will need a final confirmation that you will participate. Most likely via email, await further instructions. - 2v2: starting as team allowed. If you have no partner, you will be assigned a random partner. Teambulding also most likely via email. - Time for the PvP rounds: 3 days. Exceptions possible in final, semifinal and quarterfinal. If no answer within 3 days, both loose or the one who answered wins. - Time for PvE: 2 weeks - Replays of all games needed. PvE replays wont be public until end of the tournament. - After a PvP game the winner sends me a message who won and includes a replay. If in any case the replay was not saved, either the participants both agree who won (like gentlemen) or there will be another match, as there is no way of finding out who really won (well a video would be). If a desynchronisation error occured during the game, report this! - In PvE a slow game in a high difficulty beats any faster game in a lower difficulty. - If the rPvE map of the month would change before the end of the tournament, the rPvE will be delayed. - The PvP map will be one of the official maps. If you agree with your opponent, you can choose the map, if not it will be random.     I have never organised a tournament, but as long as I have the time when BFR comes out, I will give my best to have an awesome tournament! If you have any suggestions just post them here!   TODO: - find prices - deck level cap for the matches?   Streaming: If you want to stream the matches, then you have to organise it yourself as soon as the matchup list is finished. Contact the players and ask them to play on a spectator map. For the finals I will choose the streamers that gave the best comentary and allow them to stream it. Streamer list: @Geradon @Shred @Eirias @Dexirian   PvP registration: 1v1 bobfrog LetsEinfallslos002 Fritzrich anonyme0273 XxHARVESTERxX fodasseman Chibiterasu Yoeyfinz Eirias SunWu II. nofearek9 Navarr Silverdragen NeoNyle RadicalX XxAndroidxX KROMPIR SparksofFire thesikaleon Brocken ZexionVII Devilo Goldfish vaykoon Amergo Cadark Maxhero Sean Avire HomieGoHome Nachtalb thomy Thug Life CyberReXxX Anonymos HolyFreak veryhasted Hirooo Headbanger Pleistoros xHighTech Chimerae Ultrakool shadowxxs77 Kaliber84 DarmkyM Vovano Krahs ferevus DefAnske Taker Timotheus Loptus Destoyerfros Emile GadaiGER mostlybad Asraiel cDKiLLrOy Archmystic DeChris wertyy tbpeti darklionking Egard3 HeroPat 2v2 bobfrog WotDeFack LetsEinfallslos002 Fritzrich XxHARVESTERxX fodasseman Yoeyfinz Eirias Eraizer SweetPotato nofearek9 Navarr Silverdragen FlameDancer NeoNyle RadicalX KROMPIR SparksofFire thesikaleon Brocken ZexionVII Draiper Devilo Goldfish Maxhero devilo Sean P3tfacepol Qttyaaa Carcosa Nachtalb Cadark veryhasted Hirooo Headbanger Pleistoros xHighTech Chimerae DarkwarriorNL Ultrakool shadowxxs77 Kaliber84 DarmkyM ArownioP02 Vovano Krahs ferevus DefAnske Timotheus Loptus Destoyerfros Kestas3 GadaiGER mostlybad Asraiel cDKiLLrOy DeChris wertyy tbpeti darklionking Egard3 Marco3104 Haruka 27.10. 22:00