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No way to easily unlock everything?

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Hi there, I am new to Skylord Reborn, but not new to BattleForge. I used to play this game endlessly about a decade ago, primarily for the purpose of playing PvP. However, back then, you had to grind PvE for a ridiculous amount of time to actually unlock and upgrade all the cards, and I did that. I eventually I had almost every card in the game fully upgraded. I enjoyed having all the options available to me, so I could come up with creative and unconventional PvP decks.

When I heard about Skylords Reborn, I was excited that I would be able to experience it all once again. However, I was surprised to find out that players are expected to grind everything all over again, starting from nothing, despite all the work we did grinding in the original game. Since this game is not an official release, and it's not trying to make a profit, I was surprised that there's no way to just unlock everything, for players who don't want to grind everything again. When I originally played BattleForge, I was in school, and I could play endlessly during the summers. Nowadays, I am married and have a full-time job, so the idea of grinding everything is a deal-breaker.

I do appreciate the idea of the free PvP decks, but that doesn't really work for me, because the enjoyment of this game came from theory-crafting and coming up with my own creative decks. Is there no solution for somebody like me?

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6 hours ago, GeneralJosh said:


Afaik there is no such way, the game is and must be strictly non-profit. 

You can perhaps try out Test server, where all is avaible to play around. Otherwise, you just have to play the game. With the free PVP decks and some PvE playtime, you should already have huge options to choose from though 🙂

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To add to that, please be aware you can mix and match with the free PvP decks, meaning you can select two decks that have the most cards you want, and then ''grind'' for the few you are missing in that set up.

I put grind between brackets because it really cant be compared to the original EA days. Back then, you could either grind, or pay money to increase progress. Since the last option has been removed from the game, we adjusted the grind quite dramaticly. There are a bunch of quests, achievements, and steady flow of BFP to buy boosters to get you started on a decent collection in no time. A lot of us who played the game are in a similair situation as you (full time jobs, etc.) and we definitly tried to come up with a system that does not make the game impossible to play under these conditions, yet still offer the experience the original BF offered of exploring and gathering new options. 

I hope you will agree after playing for a few days 🙂 And welcome!


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On 7/26/2023 at 7:31 PM, GeneralJosh said:

Is there no solution for somebody like me?

In the early early days, we decided that for most players, the "grind" was the fun part. A lot of players said that they played until they unlocked everything, then quit. That said, there's also the test server. You get everything unlocked, fully upgraded, and can even test new cards/balance changes before they go live on the main server. Unfortunately, most people don't log onto the test server, so you'd have the coordinate with someone on discord ahead of time.

But if you want to play PvP with unconventional decks, the "grind" is still at most a couple hours, all of which can be spent doing PvP.

1. Free PvP decks can be mixed and matched with each other, or even your regular cards. If you build an even somewhat-viable deck, you'll be using at least 10 cards from a regular deck (don't pretend it's a PvP deck if you don't have basics like t1 archers, core spells, etc.)

2. Of your remaining 10 cards, at least 5 will be common/uncommon (because most cards are). These cards cost only a few bfp. Even 5 minutes of queuing PvP will get you 30 bfp, so getting enough bfp for those cards is trivial.

3. For your remaining 5 cards (in the worst case scenario) they might cost up to 2000 bfp. You can sell boosters at a rate of 420 bfp per 1 booster, so 4 boosters should get you pretty much any card. 

4. To get the ~20 boosters needed to fill out your deck, you can play every day and get ~1 booster just for playing 30-45 mins. You get an extra 100 bfp discount the first time you buy a booster each day. Do some daily quests and it can be even faster, but we can just assume 1 booster/day.

5. For beginners, you'll get achievements even faster than the daily quests. if you beat all campaign maps on expert one time (not a grind by a long shot), you get 16 boosters. You'd probably double that in other, smaller quests (like, 1 booster for beating any map with deck level 30).

TL;DR playing 30-45 minutes every day would get you over 50 boosters in a month, which is enough to build a PvP deck from scratch. If you use the free PvP decks as a base you should be able to make any reasonable deck in only a couple days. I see lots of players who have been here for ~1 week and have made their own modified PvP decks. It might take slightly longer if you're going for something crazy expensive like enlighten batariel in PvP, but even that can be easily achieved in a month. If 1 week of regular playing is still too much grinding, you can always go to the test server 🙂

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9 hours ago, GeneralJosh said:

It looks like the test server is what I'm looking for. Thanks everyone!

Hope you enjoy! If you join the balance discord ( https://discord.gg/FyeYNpsE ) and comment/attach replays with thoughts on certain card before they go to the real server, you can also get rewards sent do your real server account (obviously don't need them in your test server account).

Plus if you like trying broken combos, the test server is exactly the place to find out if certain cards are overtuned/undertuned! 

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