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New card ideas and suggestions - Megathread

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9 minutes ago, Xamos said:

And here I have another Idea for an Amii-Card, but I´m actually not sure yet if I´d want this effect on a building or on a Unit:

[Focused perseverance: all positive status effects that are activated/gained within 20m of the unit/building last 50% longer]

 This would include buffs like life-weaving and active abilites like Amii-paladin´s reflection. If its on a unit, it´d have to be on a supporter unit that can be focused down in PvP. If on a building, it could be useful in defensive scenarios in PvE.

I do like this one. Think it would synergise well with the Amii faction... or at least that's how I imagine it, without knowing the full faction design idea. 

Had to create a mockup for it, as I kinda love doing that (go figure). Would expect it to be sort of frontline building, especially because Amii has yet to gain a structure. 


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14 minutes ago, Hrdina_Imperia said:

Would expect it to be sort of frontline building, especially because Amii has yet to gain a structure. 

Yeah that sounds nice, a recolored and maybe resized ice barrier might look completele different and possibly like an fitting Amii-Structure, that gives nearby units this extended strengthness. 

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It's been a while! Seeing the nice retexture of Vulcan for Twilight colors by our one and only Cat, decided to try and give the chap some stats. And yes, I am not giving up on Twilight T2 archer unit. 

Blight Funnel
Uses Vulcan/Rageflame as a base. L unit, ranged.

Contagion Stream - Unit casts poisonous wave that deals 20 damage to enemies every second. Targets are embittered with a strong toxic substance that severely poisons them and slowly decreases its life points by 25 per second. Lasts for 4 seconds, attacks refresh the duration of poison.
Toxic Transformation - The unit is infected with the Twilight Curse and can be transformed into any other Twilight creature. Activate to start the mutant process and choose a Twilight unit from the current deck to be transformed into. The current deck must contain at least one other Twilight unit whose orb requirements are met! If this unit is transformed INTO, then the Contagion Stream will gain an ability to slow enemy units to only walk speed. This effect lasts for 2 seconds, can be refreshed. 


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Posted (edited)

Nature needs some love.

(card art was generated by stable diffusion, so they might have copyright i'm not sure)

--- Bush Men (T2 N at 65 Power) ---

A sneaky unit that excels at sticking to and taking down single priority targets. In particular, the 'ambush' function allows them to stick to flying units, thus covering up a much needed and heavily abusable "hole" in early nature's tool kit. Giving it a damage bonus versus beasts (or possibly dragonkin, since they're lizard-like) would fit with the theme of a wilderness hunter type unit, but it probably has enough utility/usefulness for its cost without that effect.




Track Prey (toggle) - The bushman begins tracking his prey and gains the following benefits:

  • Sneak: The bush men move slowly (same as the "slow" trait) and cannot be seen by opponents unless they move within melee range of a unit. Attacking, being attacked, or being affected by any non-global hostile effect will break the squad out of its sneak mode.
  • Ambush: When attacking from sneak mode, the bush men will ambush its target by throwing lassos and pulling themself to the enemy, becoming attatched to the unit for up to 5 seconds. This may target grounded units and flying units, but not buildings. Bush men will ignore the player's commands while in this state and just attack the selected unit. If taregting a flying unit, the bush men will fall to the ground at the end of the effect, taking a "knockback" style brief stun effect in the process.



--- Swamp Trolls (T1-T3 N) ---

They just seem like a cool idea, and a natural fit for the nature faction. Part of the unit also partly addresses the issue with the Tree Spirit unit being the worst choice of a card to play in every T1 situation -- a juvenile swamp troll can help the tree spirit be not-as-useless by either giving it a weak healing-over-time or making the enemy attack the troll first.

I had the idea of adding a "hungry" mechanic to the swamp trolls, where if they kill X units without dying they eventually transform/grow into the next type of troll (juvenile -> adolescent -> adult). While the idea seems really fun, and fits extremely well with the Nature concept of "keep your units alive, void return be damned!", it would probably be too strong and maybe steps on twilight's toes a bit - so it was left out.

-- Juvenile Swamp Trolls (T1 N @ 80 Power) --



Trollish Regeneration: Trolls regenerates HP over time. The base regeneration at 5% of its HP every 3 seconds, but gets stronger as the troll is more injured. Healing frequency scales linearly with missing% HP, with the maximum healing at 25% missing HP. At max scaling, the troll regenerates 5% of its HP every 1.5 seconds.

Root Fertilizer: While at full health, the trollish regeneration generates excess bio mass which sheds off the trolls body. While within range of a root network and at full health, the troll will provide 5% of its own HP as healing to the root network every 3 seconds, which is then spread evenly across injured buildings and units in the root network.



-- Adolescent Swamp Troll (T2 N @ 100 Power) --


(font size reeee!)


Grab Ally: The troll grabs the targeted small or medium allied unit, temporarily removing it from the battlefield and rendering itself unable to attack while the ally is being held

Hurl (20 power, 30 sec cooldown): Hurls the object or unit in the troll's hand at a target enemy. If a unit is being held, the unit is hurled at the target, and lands at the position of the target with its health intact and controllable by the player. If no unit is being held, the troll instead hurls a rock which deals 220 damage and knocks back a Medium or smaller target.

Trollish Regeneration: same as above

Root Fertilizer: same as above



-- Adult Swamp Troll (T3 N @ 140 Power) --



Hurl Boulder(50 power, 30 sec cooldown): Hurl a boulder at a target enemy. The rock deals 450 damage, and knocks back Large or smaller targets. If the rock is hurled at a building, it deals siege damage (+50%)

Concussive Blows: The troll's blows concuss its target, slowing Large and smaller units.

Trollish Regeneration: same as above

Root Fertilizer: same as above



Edited by Tiny Thor
Spoiler sections so the cards don't take up your whole screen
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After a while had a little fun with creating new card concepts. Nothing major, nothing deep, just pure fun. 

Sandworm - Bandit T3 melee worm
Giant Maw - Activate to eat an own unit. Its current HP will be added to Sand Worms life, increasing it beyond the maximum capacaity. Sand Worm can have at most 4500 max HP. 
Endless Stomach - Sand Worms are known for their endless hunger. Landing a killing blow on enemy unit or building will heal the Worm for 1/4 of the targets maximum health. 
Others as usual

Maggotlord - Shadow T4 melee unit
Worm infection - Works as a weaker Infect, applying the same debuff to several enemies around the unit (uses the original animation for Thrust of Ultima). Doesn't cost power, but uses corpses - needs 1500 lifepoints stored. Max storage is 2500. Cooldown of 60 seconds.
Corpse bloat - Enemies or allies that die within 15m of Maggotlord have their corpses bloated with worms and maggots. They will contain 50% extra lifepoints.  
Siege - 50% extra damage to buildings



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That sand worm idea is really cool! The Endless Stomach mechanic might be a bit unreliable if it's used in conjunction with other units though (other units might steal the killing blow and screw your worm's durability.) Maybe something like an "execute" mechanic could help in this regard -- imagine the worm deals 2x damage if the target has less than a certain amount of HP (e.g. if the worm does 500 damage per hit, and the target is at or below 1000 health, the worm would do 2x500=1000 damage instead, thus giving it a much greater chance of actually benefiting from its passive ability). Would be sick if it had a special animation too, maybe burrowing under ground and emerging under the target to swallow it (think of the sand worms in Dune!)


Here's another idea that might contend with the Bush Men idea above to fill part of the same niches but in a different (and likely less complicated to implement) manner.


T2 N Elemental Archer idea -- Mana Surger

T2 nature ranged unit that doesn't suck when more than one exists on the field (looking at you, spirit hunters with non-stacking poison...), and fits as another design option for dealing with air units as T2 nature. Its stats are based on the spikeroot - which shares its status as a T2 unit with similar power cost - but with the numbers scaled-down a bit due to the 10 points cheaper power cost and its ability to counter air units.


The unit could use a recolor / re-texture of the magma hurler for its in-game avatar.


Mana Surge - The mana surger calls forth a surge of mana from the ground underneath the targeted ground unit. Deals [735 dp20] damage in an 8 meter radius around its target, up to [1125 dp20] in total. Affects ground targets only.

Arcane Hunger (toggle) - Lose the ability to use Mana Surge and gain the ability to use Mana Urge. (or vice versa when you toggle back)

Mana Urge - Mana surger has an urge for mana! It sucks mana from the air around its enemies, dealing [735 dp20 * X] damage in an 8 meter radius around its target, up to [1125 dp20 * X] in total. Affected units may not use their ranged attacks or special abilities for 5 seconds. Affects flying targets only.

(X = reduced damage modifier in anti-air mode. Can scale with card ranks, say x0.4 / x0.5 / x0.6 / x0.66)

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Posted (edited)

how do you change the colors/hue of the card picture? 

Oh i just loaded the magma hurler photo into GIMP and adjusted the hue 🙂

In gimp you can find it in the top drop-down menus: Colors > Hue-Saturation > drag the hue slider to rotate the image's colors.

I'm sure photoshop (or whichever image manipulation software you favour) has an equivalent feature -- if not, gimp is open source and free to download here.

Edited by Tiny Thor
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