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Logging in after some time, everything is gone

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Hello all and merry christmas!


I was playing Battleforge right after the release and had already created some nice decks. Now, I feel the urge to play battleforge again and I am still happy, that you awesome people brought this game back to us. I havent played for a while and it seems everything is reseted. Was there some kind of reset?


Just asking out of curiosity, I will start playing it again anyway, so if the cards and so on are lost, I will just redo my deck, this is fun anyway :).


Have some great holidays!

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Hello @MaiZZen, welcome back!


Last time you played was in 2019, which was in our beta. Ever since December 2020, we are in full release. All accounts got reset for this. 

We did add loads of stuff to speed up progression like quests and achievements, so we hope you will find great joy again!


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Hello all,

I kinda have the same Problem. Havent played for a while and wanted to return to playing it on my new PC.
After downloading and logging in the game told me I had to create a whole  new Charakter.

Is this the same situation? Or did I encounter a more specific problem? 
Because I thought that i only joined after the release, but maybe i just lost the touch of time ^^"
I just want to be safe before i start the game, so what i dont just ignore it while it actually creating a violation of the "oneAccountRule" or something like that. 

Thanks for the help
And thanks for the great work bringing this amazing game back to us

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