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thunder wagon

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There are methods of void return that make it very cheap to use this internal ability, i personally dont think it is worth making it free. It is pretty nicely balanced, requiring you to atleast use some power and not be able change between modes without a bit of strategy and a little bit of practice 😛 

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I agree that the ability should at least cost a little less. if i costs 30p you still wouldnt use it mindlessly right, but that would make it much easier to use when you have many of them. 

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OR it would also be cool if the ability would get a bonus effect: [Feed the beast: Every friendly beast gets 40% increased movement speed]

So while activated, it could enable cool strategies with slower units like Moloch.

But this would need an additional requirement, that f.e. units which have "slow", would receive a much higher speed boost than units that are already faster by themselfes.
No idea if that would be possible tho (affecting a certain type of unit should be doable, because the new ability from Mutating Maniac only affects twilight-units for example. But affecting units that have a specific ability is probably harder to do). 

Or it could speed up units of type "ancient/artifact" to enable fun strategies with construct.

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