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Battle of Tactics #2: Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be

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Hello People of the sky,

It´s time to fight with a perfectly balanced deck, as all things should be




Update: Winners, Replays, Stream and more can be found in this post:


What does this mean for deckbuilding?

Deck Rule 1:
Your deck has to consist of:
image.png.d29ae581f8459f9bfa3b42546a50a159.png 4x T1 Cards
image.png.8bbea32191e09cdba2aafe71e895d4ab.png 4x T2 Cards
image.png.f802274e50ce493b6b86036691c589cd.png 4x T3 Cards
image.png.fa02b88848a998b7977c54b961531a4f.png 4x T4 Cards

Deck Rule 2:
Your deck has to consist of:
image.png.04f74e9610de2b9e0dfa78814dfbfc52.png 5x Units
image.png.b75d3acc3a5277a89b2049072b881d5d.png 5x Buildings
image.png.c4403a89832b93cefbbe820bb70a1afb.png 5x Spells
image.png1x Wildcard (Can be one additional Unit, Building or Spell)

Deck Rule 3:
Your deck has to consist of:
image.png.3b872c63e13fec340796d1214f93948e.png 4x Fire Cards
image.png.26313140869a17a7345e3fc4023bc763.png 4x Frost Cards
image.png.f56afbd2061ed05db5d782777212781a.png 4x Nature Cards
image.png.9ad4649533a98d645e8d921e35bbdf49.png 4x Shadow Cards
no neutral cards! (Moon, Rogan, etc.)
no mixed cards! (Twilight, Lost Souls, etc.)

Game Rule 1:
Every card in your deck has to be played at least one time.
Hint: You are allowed to switch orbs to play for example “Fire Dancer” with 2 Fire Orbs.


This sounds complicated, how do I check if my deck legitimate?

The funny BOT-Website is back -> www.t1421.tk

You can upload your replay and use one of two modes.
    -> “Cards Played” -> Checks which cards have been played within the replay and if the run conforms with the ruleset
    -> “Cards in Deck” -> Checks which cards are in your deck and if it conforms with the deck rules.
Hint: Start a match, wait 1 second and upload that replay to be certain, everything is within the rules.


OK I think got it, tell me the rest:

  • Map:                          Behind Enemy lines
  • Difficulty:                   Advanced
  • Goal:                          Win as fast as possible within the deck and game rules above
  • Until when:                23.10.2022 23:59 CET
  • Winner Stream:         28.10.2022 18:00 CET via my Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/ultralord_t1421)
  • Replays:                     PM in the Forum @T1421 or DM via Discord Ultralord#9706
  • Replay name:             BOT2_[Your Username].pmv
                                       You can send in multiple replays, the last one which I receive will be used for the event
                                       Replays can be found in your Documents folder (C:\Users\xxx\Documents\BattleForge\replays\)

Here you can watch the recording of the rules, test deck building (+checking on the website) and Q&A Stream:


This is too easy! Give me a “real” challenge! 


Feel free to try the “Overbalanced” challenge.
Deck Rule 1+2 and Game Rule 1 are the same
Deck Rule 3 changes to:
image.png.63c09d93ec5f532cb0c474ecac8ab1da.png 2x Fire Cards
image.png.1a161422fe9008ad270e60ac32bb733a.png 2x Frost Cards
image.png.c7059e0c69b0155da22a33ab0b3fa356.png 2x Nature Cards
image.png.ac524ac40ac92abdc5465f172ccd6a71.png 2x Shadow Cards
image.png.03cf5217362f9a53ded369f68ad705cf.png 2x Bandit Cards
image.png.6f19b121a6acf0729f289a41f2353914.png 2x Stonekin Cards
image.png.91b234ad5fac94a7f3bbc7f64a4b8bc3.png 2x Twilight Cards
image.png.00533ddf0740e8f884fb80f96ce92c01.png 2x Lost Souls Cards
no neutral cards! (Moon, Rogan, etc.)


And what can I win?

There is one ranking list for “perfectly balanced” and “overbalanced”:
1st place:                     7 General Boosters
2nd place:                    4 General Boosters
3rd place:                     3 General Boosters
4th place:                     2 General Boosters
5th -10th place:           1 General Booster

11th-14th place:          200BFP
15th-20th place:          100BFP


Fastest Player using a “overbalanced”-Deck gets a Promo Fallen Skyelf!


Top 4 Players using a “overbalanced”-Deck get one of 4 Shadow/Fire/Frost/Nature Booster.


There are 16 Cards in the random draw (only one per player). Place 11 and lower get priority.
So when all player lower place 10 got a card, player 1-10 could get their chance.

Dreadcharger, Mine, Home Soil, Mark of the Keeper
Shadow Mage, Gladiatrix Green, Stormsinger Green, Mauler
Soulshatter, Inferno, Ward of the North, Revenge
Altar of Chaos, Comet Catcher, Worldbreaker Gun, Lifestream



Big thank you to:

SLR-Team                           For the 20 Boosters
                                           as well as the 4 Faction Boosters
Proofreader                        For fixing mistakes and improving phrasing in this post
@Metagross31                For helping once again with the organization
@Maze                           For sharing some SMJ data for my website (SMJ)
@Volin                            For 2 Boosters
@DeleriuM                      For 1.400 BFP
@ZevsOleg  (Bupyc)       For Comet Catcher, Altar of Chaos, Worldbreaker Gun, Lifestream,
                                           as well as Dreadcharger, Mark of the Keeper, Mine, Soulshatter and Revenge
@arabikaa                      For the Promo Fallen Skyelf

You want to sponsor something -> feel free to contact me.
Replays and rankings will be shared after the winner stream.

I hope you all have fun with the deckbuilding and your run. See you in the Forge.





Can I send two replays? One for “perfectly balanced” and one for “overbalanced”?
-> No, only one replay per player.
    By building a “overbalanced”-deck you join both price pools.
    But could be harder to rank higher on the board.

Can I use Enlightenment to summon Units?
-> Yes, a Unit summon with Enlightenment counts as “played”.

Does the Twilight ability count´s as “card played”?
-> Sadly no! You have to play the card for your deck.

Does the website work´s for the “perfectly balanced” and “overbalanced” rule set?
-> Yes, you can upload both type of decks / runs.

Does buildings have to be completed to be considered "played" or is it ok to place them and destroy them while they getting build?
-> You do not have to wait till building is completed. As soon as you spend energy every card counts as "played".

Can I play the same card with affinities or does this count as the same card?
-> Yes you can. Every affinity is treaded as a unique card.



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  • T1421 changed the title to Battle of Tactics #2: Perfectly Balanced, as all things should be

Feels pretty quite lately so is nice to have an event. 🙂


Managed to do a valid entry with “perfectly balanced” so I guess now the hard part... Advanced feels a lot easier than I used to remember it, maybe is all the wells get lot more juice?

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3 hours ago, Lans said:

Feels pretty quite lately so is nice to have an event. 🙂


Managed to do a valid entry with “perfectly balanced” so I guess now the hard part... Advanced feels a lot easier than I used to remember it, maybe is all the wells get lot more juice?

Iirc there was either a 3rd well added to the map or a bit more starting void. Can't remember which one it was.

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4 hours ago, Lans said:

Feels pretty quite lately so is nice to have an event. 🙂


Managed to do a valid entry with “perfectly balanced” so I guess now the hard part... Advanced feels a lot easier than I used to remember it, maybe is all the wells get lot more juice?


Patch 400033 🙂https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Patches/Patch_400033

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1 hour ago, Octochicken said:

Battle of Tactics 2:

9 minutes of a tightly choreographed dance followed by 2 minutes of utter chaos.

Is taking me way longer than that (as usual, that is why I am stick to my in game avatar of Construct). Looking forward to seeing how others manage it to do it crazy fast and flawless (or a lot better) execution (than me). Sounds like you might be in contention for that. Good luck!


Hmm... I might want to get my entry before I forget because there isn't much time left.

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  • Metagross31 unpinned and unfeatured this topic

Another BOT comes to an end.
Thank you all who played in the event and helped in the background to make it happen. 

Prizes has been send out. If you think I missed you, contact me.

Here is the final Ranking:
B = Balanced | O = Overbalanced

Here are the Replays of all 30 Players:

Here is the link to the Stream:

Here is the Link to the Best of video:

And last but not least - some bloopers xD:


MFG Ultralord



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Added Best of Link
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1 minute ago, Mynoduesp said:

Highlight video when? peperage

current status:

I have:
- watched 30 videos withe a play time of ~8h
- recorded 2h of ingame footage
- cut that down in 30min "best of"

I have to do:
- bring that 30 min in a nice order (and maybe bring it down in 15 min)
- make voice over and add music
- Finishing touches

My plan is to finish it in the next 2 Weeks, but cant promise 😅

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