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What do all these units have in common?

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EDIT: I messed up. Remove Thugs from the picture





It is an error that they all share




They are all holding their weapons/shields in the opposite hand as their artwork shows. You can argue that it isn't necessarily an error because they could swap weapon hands, but that doesn't really work with the shields. Also, because Amii Phantom artwork was done by the SR artists, they are as guilty as the original EA artists.


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1 hour ago, Sopwith said:

It is an error that they all share

I don't perceive it as an error.

It's not uncommon in media to show character in not realistic way to present a character in a better way.

First example of top of my head from in The Boys; Maeve fights with sword in her right hand, but in her movie "for show" scenes  (its movie inside a movie) she has it in her left hand, as it simply looks better.



Possibly BF cards would be boring to look at if all of artworks showed same side of a unit every single time.
Also gj for great observation, haven't noticed it before and now it shall drive me crazy.

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7 hours ago, Metagross31 said:

Another OT funfact: In old Zelda games, Link always had the sword in his left hand, in the games with motion controls, he has it in the right hand 😄

Which was especially interesting for Twilight Princess, where they had the Gamecube version completely mirrored from the Wii version for this reason alone. 

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