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September Patch Feedback Thread

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Hello everyone,

It has been a week now since the patch has released, and while this is not exactly a long time, I wanted to open a discussion and encourage everyone to provide feedback on the changes we have made to the game. Below are some of the topics of which we are most interested in soliciting feedback, though feel free to offer any suggestions regarding the patch and the current direction of the game. 

What do you think of our first PvE nerfs? Do the various decks still feel usable? Have they changed much at all, etc.?

Do you like the changes to card and factions (PvE and PvP)? Why or why not? Where did we hit the mark, and implement something exciting you'd like to see more of? Where did you miss the mark and what should we avoid in the future? Do you enjoy the new cards, are they balanced, etc.?

What do you think of the map changes?

You can also join us at our balance discord to further discuss changes to cards: https://discord.gg/jrGEBG9NT5

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Okay, then I'll make a start. First let me say that I'm not having a particularly good day, don't put too much stock in my single opinion.

Haven't played much lately and seem a bit rusty in general.

I have only tested 2 things seriously the last 2 days this was:

The Batariel deck has simply slipped into the middle class in my opinion, sure you can still play it, but it's a run-of-the-mill deck like you mostly see in random groups anyway (wrong orbs; hardly any, no and/or wrong buffs and there's then a single Bata running around that actually only has enlightenment in common with the usual buffed Bata deck).
On stronger maps, the burn is too weak to clear necessary threats in time and it dies quickly these days when the camps are a bit harder.
Too bad, I'm curious whether the better players can still get something out of here, from the first feeling the deck unfortunately falls completely out of the meta. Possibly further a Speedrun alternative on very easy Bandit maps.

The second thing I looked at is the Twilight Deck, unfortunately I find here (at least from meta point of view) not much new. The dragon buff as well as the creeper buff are nice, but nothing more - the Abo Spelldeck remains the king in the ring. Nightshade in T3 is a possibility, but I suspect that this will remain more of a casual approach, but finally nice to have the alternative, although especially here Twilight T3 already had 2 strong units. But since XL are always very popular, the masses will be happy and probably grab here.

A more Unit based Twilight deck will be a bit stronger with the patch, but thanks to the Nox Cloud and the Creeper Buff, the Abo deck has increased to the same extent.

The transformation overhaul has no relevance to me so far in the pve, in fact I had to look up what else changed there in the patch notes. As before, the slot gain because of the "internal" Breeding Ground remains the main advantage for me here.
All in all, I think there is unfortunately more work in here than you can feel in the Twilight deck 😞 I hope Twilight is not yet finished here, although I can imagine that the PvP impact is significantly greater.

My conclusion: So far the patch that gives me the least pleasure. The Buffed Bata deck has slipped more than 1 tier imo and after the Bandit rework I had hoped for a little bit more with Twilight, but I don't want to be unfair, I realize how much time and effort is put into this. The small changes to Spells, Units are very nice and please me very well, including the nerfs of Decomposer and Frenetic. (The revisions to the buildings also read very nice, only I never actually play them ^^)

I thank you very much for your work, hope it's not brazen to hope for something more in Twilight.

Ahhhh - wait - one thing I have almost forgotten. Pure Fire I've also been playing since the patch, and it feels really nice. The overdue boost in sustain from both the deck and NPC side (aka Dancer rework) feel good and make the deck a lot more rounded. Moloch normal speed when? 😛

mostly translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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found some typos, if you find more please just keep them :D
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