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Do you think Frost/Fire has a place thematically ?

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27 minutes ago, youto000 said:

well you put fire and ice and it makes water and most of them are crystals (or that is what i think they look like)  and it just makes no sense to me

Do you think fire and nature (twilight) makes sense ? For example, as for the robots idea, it can be logical and in my personal opinion it makes it a whole lot more interesting than just water... Water is something you would expect, while most wouldn't expect Robots. 

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good pint it would be interesting how it would incorporate both the offensive nature of fire and the defensive nature of frost to make it well balanced and fair. so thank you for opening my mind to new ideas

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I feel like we really need to think out of the limitations of the standard factions - at least a bit. I mean all of the factions have their own theme and while they follow general limitations of those factions( f.e. LS= no heal spells or instant burst damage spells as no Fire or Nature orb is related to them) they all have cards that buff or at least synergize with the special ability of that faction (Etheral Storm or Revenants Blessing for LS, Twilight Curse and Twilight Pestilence for Twilight and Rioter's Retreat for Bandit are just some examples). So i really think while maintaining general tendencies of Fire and Ice it is important to get a general idea of what kind of faction you want and what their special abilites should be!

That being mentioned some ideas i got for that ability would be ( if we stick with Robots):

- Repair Ability --> Increased Life Regeneration and getting Life Regen while fighting( probably not the full regen but a lowered amount)

                    --> 2nd option for that: Gets repaird for x amount of Health instantly( like a mini heal)

- 'Super Form' --> takes reduced damage/ deals more damage in a period of time



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I think a faction that has a toggle ability would fit best. Switching from a highly offensive state where they got more damage and offensive abilities and maybe look like steam and fire, to a defensive state where they get more hp or shield and get better defensive abilities. They could look like water that is about to freeze.

The switching between the states has to have a disadvantage or at least a long cooldown since it would be kinda op to have a faction that is very good at defending and attacking the same time.

This would fit the contrast between those factions very good in my opinion however it could be a hell to balance. :D



Support/Caster unit:

fire state: very low HP, aktive ability: small dmg and knockback aoe like a small lavafield.

frost state: very low dmg, aktive ability: freezes units in a small area and lets them take normal damage for a very short time.


Meele unit:

fire state: quick, passive: increases the damage the target unit takes.

frost state: normal speed, passive: gets a small shield while attacking a unit.


Siege/Defense unit:

fire state: long range siege attack.

frost state: meele attack with m or even l knockback.


The suggestion with units that can turn into buildings fits in there very good aswell and maybe these could be machines in fires (steam and fire work very well with this!) and turn into buildings in frost! (For you machine lovers. However I don´t think a faction completely out of machines would be that interesting.)



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You've got to be cautions with this though. Fire/Frost decks are pretty viable already, because they combine strong offense with strong defense. I don't exactly know the strongpoints and weakpoints of this faction, but it is not bad.

So if you give it a strong faction buff it would be OP. For instances, twilight's faction buff (which is the units being able to transform into other units) is almost worthless in PvP, or at least I've never seen it being used.

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Thats why something that usefull like switching from a very offensive to a very defensive state has to have a big downside like loosing a good amount of health doing so or having worse stats per power than other units.

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i was think on the subjest if there is a fire and ice mix we sould go alond the lines of the compound maybe the ablilitys should lay along with slowing move ment and abliteys.the way i see it fire mostly had to do with the battle feild and powering up frost was stoping or perveting but with defence matnece so if we mix them we should do as lost soul and the other mix faction just tacking old cards and changing the color scheme is what ea did for the lazy way out.


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Hi I myself love Frost and the idea of Frost-Fire is amazing.

I like the idea of mechanical-steampunky thing. Since heating water with fire is the core of a steamengine (would be optical awsome!).

The offensive Part of Fire and Defensive Part of Frost is a thing too and pretty hard to combine.

My Idea would be a bit into Siege. You setup a Siege, to push your enemies base(Aggressive) but you dont overrun them but use stationary units with long range and defensive mechanisms.

A basic T2 Unit could be some kind of katapult. Using setup Time to wreck havoc after.
The existing card would be great to protect, like freeze of frost and mines from fire.

T1 is the frost/fire unit Constructor. Precondition is having at least 1 Fire OR Frost orb.
The Constructor is more of a utility unit. For each Building or siege unit dying nearby he collects 1 piece of scrap. If you build a building nearby it consumes 1 scrap and builds without penalties(like there is a nearby well)

Other units use the scrap mechanic too. For example the Dirt hauler. It can use up to 1 scrap per attack and then deals additionaly 35% more damage.

Scrapwall could be a spell, to temporary generate a blockade, leaving behind 1 scrap and it could be utilized to buy some time against ground units rushing into the siege units (they would be forced to use a longer way, or fight through).

That would be my 2 cents to Fire/Frost



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