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CCC #8 - He makes it sound easy... UNTIL 11.09.

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Hello Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; and welcome to CCC #8 – the eighth Crappy Community Contest!

To see the winners, CLICK HERE. If you are just here to grab the booster code, there you go:  CCC8-NOWA-LLNE-EDED

What are “Crappy Community Contests”?

CCC's are meant to be small-scale contests with weird challenges, hopefully luring you away from well-trodden paths. They are small-scale on the organizers side too: there will be no stream, video or event announcing the winners. What's special about these contests is a participation price for the whole Skylords community.

This is the first CCC not only presented by me, but the Winner of CCC # 7 - the contest-idea-contest: Sucks! (@womiy org) We have worked together the last few weeks to present you this challenge, an extension to what he submitted:

What, when, where, how?

He makes it sound easy...

The city is the last hope for the people of Lyr,
but Rogan Kayle still wants you to prove your prowess.

This challenge is to win the 1-player-map “Defending Hope” on Expert
without walls and as many extra-challenges as you are able to manage.

Even when exploring the expert maps for the first time, Defending Hope is usually a map that is an easy win. So let's start making it as difficult as you can handle! For an eligible entry, you are not allowed to build any walls and both Soulstones have to stay intact. After that, you can earn points to rank up your entry by taking on extra challenges. The Skylord with the most points will win this challenge - in case of a tie, the faster Skylord will win. You can earn points by adding the following hardships to your run:

  • Mandatory: Use no walls
  • Mandatory: Both Soulstones stay intact
  • A: 1 Point: No Faction Cards (Bandit, Twilight, Stonekin, Lost Souls) Cards are played
  • B: 1 Point: Using a Pure Color Deck
  • C : 1 Point: Only Twilight Edition Cards are used
  • D : 2 Points: Play no Buildings
  • E: 2 Points: Play no Spells
  • F: 3 Points: Play no Units
  • G: 2 Points: Play only Buildings
  • H: 1 Point: Play only Units
  • I: 1 Point: Don't go T4 
  • J: 2 Points: Don't go T3  
  • K: 3 Points: Don't go T2  
  • L: 1 Point: No wells inside the city get destroyed
  • M: 1 Point: No orb gets destroyed
  • N: 1 Point: Both Soulstone Guardians Survive
  • O: 1 Point: Claim 4 (or more) wells outside the city
  • P: 1 Point: Claim southern 2 wells
  • Q: 1 Point: Claim no well inside the city
  • R: 2 Points: Claim all wells outside the city and don't lose any well during whole game
  • S: 1 Point: Collect no gold chest
  • T: 1 Point: Destroy two Twilight Manifestations
  • U: 1 Point: Destroy all Twilight Manifestations
  • V: 2 Points: Kill no Twilight Dragon
  • W: 1 Point: No Shrine of War / Memory / Martys / Greed or Furnace of Flesh is played
  • X: 1 Point: No Unity / Frenetic Assault / Thunderstorm / Frost Shard is played
  • Y: 1 Point: No Razorleaf / Necroblaster / Magma Hurler / Stronghold

(Edit: After it has been suggested, I added letters to make it easier to submit an entry.)

As you can see, the list is constructed in a way that we expect NOBODY to get all possible points. This challenge is to set an attainable goal with as many points as you are able to get without losing the map. To avoid misunderstandings: points on this list accumulate. So, if you kill all Twilight Manifestations, you get one point for the "kill two Manifastations" AND one point for "kill all Manifestations", yielding a total of two points. Also, if you don't go T2, you will get a total of six points for that, not just the three points mentioned in the list on that line.

Please add the following information to your entry:

  • IGN: <Your ingame name>
  • Objectives Achieved: <Name them: A, B, C, ...>
  • Points total: <Points>
  • Your replay with the following file name: CCC8_<Points>_<Your IGN>.pmv

Battleforge automatically saves a replay file of the last match you play, named autosave.pmv.  After playing the map, rename this file, so it doesn't get overwritten. You can find your replays here: Documents => Battleforge => replays.

The contest has started with the release of this post – submit your entry through Discord (DM to Kapo#0116) or the Skylords Forum (DM to @Kapo) until 11.09.2022 23:59 CET  (= 8 days time total). You can submit multiple times, but only the one with the most points will count. Please note that your any submitted replay may be posted here in the forums.




What counts as a Pure Deck?

A pure deck contains only one color (e.g. Nature), and no neutral cards.

What are Twilight Edition Cards?

The edition shows on the Rarity Symbol in the bottom right of the card, this is the symbol of the Twilight Edition.


In the card window, you may sort cards by edition, to see what your options with Twilight Edition are.

What are the southern Wells?

The southern wells are the heavily defended wells at the bottom of the map:


What are Twilight Manifestations?

In each corner of the map is a camp with one big spawn building, called a "Twilight Manifestation". Viridya will instruct you to do this optional task to "ease the pressure". For the points, you only have to kill the Manifestation and not clear the whole camp.


Doesn't the final swoosh kill all Twilight Dragons?

Yes, but you will still receive the points if they are kept alive until the SPIRITS OF ANCIENT KINGS DEAL OUT TRUE JUSTICE.




What's the price pool?

Since this is not just a Crappy Contest, but a Crappy Community Contest, you may help with your participation to earn a price for the whole Community. If we reach more than 20 participants (unique players, not entries), we will unlock a Mini-Booster code for the entire Skylords Community. If more than 35 participants enter, the code will be upgraded to a Booster instead of a Mini-Booster. So tell your fellow Skylords to try this challenge – it's an occasion to try something completely new, and it raises our chances to hand out a code for everybody. 

Of course, the Skylords with the most points will get prices too, sponsored by myself, the Community and the Skylords Reborn Team:

1st place               5 General Boosters + Promo Rogan Kayle + Easter Egg
2nd place              4 General Boosters + Promo Lyrish Knight + Easter Egg
3rd place              3 General Boosters + Promo Snapjaws + Easter Egg
4th place              2 General Boosters + Lord Cyrian + Easter Egg
5th place              1 General Booster +  Core Dredge (B) + Easter Egg
6th place              250 BFP + Promise of Life (B) + Bloodhorn (R) + Easter Egg
7th place              200 BFP + Banzai (P) + Banzai (G) + Easter Egg
8th place              175 BFP + Bloodhorn (R) + Mind Control + Easter Egg
9th place              150 BFP + Home Soil + Giant Slayer + Easter Egg
10th place            100 BFP + Sunderer + Easter Egg
11th-15th place    Santa Claus

Last place              Juice Tank (x8)

For participation, there is a random chance to win one of the following cards:

Random Draws          5x1 General Booster, Avatar of Frost, Spitfire, Church of Negation, Bandit Minefield, Fire Worm, Skyelf Templar, Banzai Lord (P) (x5)

This CCC also features again a Newcomer Card Pool. By participating, players of Bronze or Silver Rank will automatically receive an uncommon random card sponsored by @THE_BIG_WET. Of course, you may also win other random draws additionally if you are lucky. The Newbie Card Pool contains the following cards:

  • Shaman (x2)
  • Frost Mage (x2)
  • Lost Spirit Ship (R) (x2)
  • Lost Spirit Ship (G) (x2)
  • Grimvine (x2)
  • Fire Dragon (x2)
  • Construct (2)
  • Wasteland Wing (R) (x2)
  • Wasteland Wing (G) (x2)
  • Gemeye (G) (x2)

Should we get more entries than 20 Bronze/Silver, the pool will be expanded, so every newcomer will receive a card. Those expansion cards will be rare cards (instead of more uncommons), so tell your fellow beginner to participate!


If one or more mighty Skylord(s) decides to sponsor this event, please contact me. I would be more than happy to beef up or expand the prize pool beyond the 10th place, add additional random draws, special bounties or any other upgrades to the prize pool. 

The following prices have been sponsored so far:

Skylords Team          General Boosters (x20), Community Booster Code
@Kapo                Promo Rogan Kayle, Promo Lyrish Knight
@womiy org        Promo Snapjaws
@THE_BIG_WET     Newcomer Card Pool (see above)
@Donaar             Juice Tank (x8)
@T1421               Spitfire
@DeLirium          1400 BFP (which has been in part used to buy random draw cards)
@Sylar                Avatar of Frost, Church of Negation, Core Dredge (B), Promise of Life (B), Lord Cyrian, Bandit Minefield, Sunderer, Giant Slayer, Mind Control, Bloodhorn (R), Bloodhorn, (P), Banzai Lord (G), Banzai Lord, (P), Fire Worm, Home Soil, Skyelf Templar
@Bozzah             Easter Egg (x10), Banzai Lord (P) (x5), Santa Claus (x5)



Special thanks and Conclusion

My very special thanks (and congratulations on winning CCC#7!) goes out to Sucks, who came up with this idea and worked with me designing on this challenge.

One last disclaimer: Should there be a patch rolling into the contest, it may end early.

Good luck, I hope you will like this very modular challenge where you can set your own difficulty!



Future Events - get involved!

If you are interested in helping with these (or better) kinds of events for the community, or want to host one yourself, don't be afraid and simply reach out! Contact our beloved Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and/or @Metagross31 on the forums or discord. They are happy to assist you with upcoming events and with sponsoring your prize pool!

If you especially like this small-scale-format, and you have an idea for it, you may also contact me directly to discuss your idea and host your own Crappy Community Contest.

Edited by Kapo
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On 8/26/2022 at 1:17 AM, Kapo said:

S: 1 Point: Collect no gold chest

I don't know... Is interesting but on other hand it literally requires no action on players' part. I suppose some people might be trained to open chest (I was clicking on it and I think I stopped in time in my only successful run so far).


Anyhow... I am greatly liking this despite it being a little overwhelming at same time. Having extreme flexibility to figure out the path to max point is great but might be overwhelming for newer players. However, there is always random draw and if enough people participate, community mini booster code gets upgraded to general booster code so while I do think is a little overwhelming, no reason to not give it a shot if you got time (I haven't been able to play much lately myself but gave it a few tries so far)! 🙂

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1 hour ago, Lans said:

I don't know... Is interesting but on other hand it literally requires no action on players' part. I suppose some people might be trained to open chest (I was clicking on it and I think I stopped in time in my only successful run so far).

This one is, to be honest, more of a joke.

On many of the previous contests, you had to collect all gold chests - and on several times people stated the hate the gold chest objective. That's why you get a point for not doing it this time 😃

Donaar, arabikaa and Lans like this
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7 hours ago, Kapo said:

This one is, to be honest, more of a joke.

On many of the previous contests, you had to collect all gold chests - and on several times people stated the hate the gold chest objective. That's why you get a point for not doing it this time 😃

Was thinking along those lines but I'll stick to thinking is to test our resistance to the temptation of the shiny golden ring... um... I meant chest! 🙂

Volin and Kapo like this
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I know I messed up a few things on what I submitted and there is another approach I want to try but not finding time and event is close to ending. :hype:


Come on people (or maybe Sky creatures?), we need to unlock that sweet sweet full booster code (or we'll just get a still good but not as good mini booster code). Just do what you feel comfortable with!

Hrdina_Imperia and Kapo like this
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Hello again Skylords, Skyladies and other Skybeings; it's time to announce the winners!  

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for making the Crappy Community Contest #8 happen – no matter in what way: developing the idea, making and helping with the map, participation, sponsoring prizes, spreading the word or helping me to organize it. Special thanks goes out to Sucks for coming up with the wall-less idea and his help with finalizing the concept.

In total, we reached a total number of 29 participants – thanks to the Skylords Team for sponsoring the code: CCC8-NOWA-LLNE-EDED

Here are the Skylords who took on the hardest challenge of the CCC #8:

1st place      28 Points       Arabika             (01:03:34)
2nd place      28 Points       DemonRJ          (02:08:00)
3rd place       25 Points       Hauclir              (00:39:47)
4rd place       25 Points       Laze                  (00:56:48)
5th place       23 Points       Dutchy             (00:51:27)
6th place       22 Points       Aegis                (00:33:39)
7th place       21 Points       Ultralord           (00:21:23)
8th place       21 Points       Donaar             (00:22:04)
9th place       20 Points       Krodha             (00:21:28)
10th place     20 Points      Lord_of_Bread   (00:21:52)

11th to 15th place:   Hrdina_Imperia (20), Lans (18), Hi8Im8Pan (18), Midra (17), Drakk (16)

The last place goes out to the sole Skylord who did everything he could to achieve zero points. I'm impressed!

Congratulations to the winners! If you are interested, see below for the top 4 replays.

Winners of the Random Draws

The dice gods have determined the fate of the following cards:

Draw 1                       Avatar of Frost           clOWN86
Draw 2                       Spitfire                       Hunt65
Draw 3                       Church of Negation    Lans
Draw 4                       Bandit Minefield         Donaar
Draw 5                       Fire Worm                  Krodha
Draw 6                       Skyelf Templar            DemonRJ

Draws 7-11, one Banzai Lord (P) each:  Ultralord, SylarXXI, Itap, Aegis, Watermelonlord,
Draws 12-16, one General Booster each:  Drakk, Midra, JiiPee, 2022, Skury

Of the 29 participants, only 3 were of Silver or Bronze rank, so they all received not only one, but a nice assortment of the above-mentioned valuable cards.

I will send you all prizes as soon as possible through in-game mail. 

Some statistics

If you want to see how "(un)popular" objectives were, and time and point graphs, check the spoiler:


Of course the "claim no chest" was the most popular, and nobody took on the challenge to try at T1 (vertical axis is % of participants):


Here is a graph of the achieved points and how fast the Skylords who entered were:




Here are the Replays of the Top 4 Runs: CCC8_28_arabika.pmv CCC8_28_DemonRJ.pmv CCC8_25_hauclir.pmv CCC8_25_Laze.pmv

In conclusion

First and foremost, I'd like to thank again all those who helped with this event, Of course, I'd like to thank the generous sponsors for all the prizes they gave: @womiy org, @TheBigWet, @Donaar, @T1421, @DeLirium, @Sylar, @Bozzah and the Skylords Reborn Team.

I hope some of you enjoyed the combination of making a contest-idea-contest (CCC#7) and taking one of those ideas that come from the community to become CCC#8. There are still more ideas to steal from the wonderful entries, so we might see a reference to CCC#7 in the future.

If you have a crappy idea for future CCC's you may share and discuss that with me, maybe I host your idea, or you can host your own Crappy Contest! Feel free to contact me anytime. If you want to discuss or host a non-crappy contest, contact our Event Managers @Minashigo Hiko and/or @Metagross31. They are super supportive and will help you to organize your event!

Edited by Kapo
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I just sent out all newcomer cards, random prizes and the last-place-price(s).

Since the point system that was used can be easily messed up by participants or me, I'll be waiting a day to sent out the prizes for the winners in case something went wrong.


Lans likes this
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Higher power somewhere is telling me Church of Negation "is the way" (is this my 2nd random CCC draw for it?). 😛


Actually, I did find some time to attempt a last minute run with buildings only and did well enough to get Stronghold from achievement but not higher than what I submitted already (messed up late game, accidentally saved Rogan before clearing twilight camps for more points etc). Is nice when I can participate and cross out some achievement quests. 🙂


Wished more people tried but nice to see some new blood. Thanks!

Kapo likes this
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