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Adding "past time" or "Start search time" to the PvP Ranked message


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In an update a feature was added to gain BFP for searching more the 5min for an Ranked match.
I didn´t have somthing else to do (and i relay wanted to play a PvP) so i sit in the queue for a while.

And that i was wandering: How long am i waiting here already?


So my idea -> Tell the Player this information.

1. We could change the message like "[00:30] Searching for opponents with ..."
    So the play knows he is waiting for 30 sec at this point

2. Change the first massage "Registered for Raked Duel at 20:55:45 ..."
    So he can scroll up and calculated the the time him self.
    (Or just an aditional message the the time and let the "Registered for Ranked..." as it is.


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