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Community run YouTube channel

Is it a good idea (worth) Creating this channel?  

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  1. 1. Is it a good idea (worth) Creating this channel?

    • No
    • Yes

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I think you should do it on your own channel i mean it is your content and considering you do most of it , And the community channel should do like fastest speedrun or tournaments considering that we might go live soon , some people might come to see specific people comment while  other just want to see general gameplay or " highlights" . So in my opinion do if for yourself but since its you channel you dont need to do just battleforge or even just battleforge replays you can do whatever u want to you will get feedback from people anyway! @Eirias


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@Eirias It's true that you are making the most content on the community channel right now, but with the start of the open beta i plan on doing new videos and i also would expect other members of the community channel to be more active and post streams and stuff. Maybe you should wait and see how things go after the start of the beta and then make your choice.

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