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Internal Tester

As an Internal Tester, you will be testing and exploring in-game mechanics with additional information that is normally hidden from players. For this you will be playing the game in windowed mode, with a second window showing numbers, like how much actual damage a specific attack did, and other information. Your goal will be to explain these interactions to our (balance) developers and designers. 

Your contribution will allow us to fix bugs and create new designs. 

 Test in-game mechanic interactions, mostly for our balance developers and designers.
• Reporting your findings about those interactions and mechanics.
 Optional: writing explanations on the Wiki, so others can benefit from your findings.

Desired traits
 Interested in learning how Skylords Reborn cards work behind the scenes.
 Willing (and able) to play the game in windowed-mode. 
 Not being intimidated by the example image.
 Able to use a calculator or spreadsheet for your findings.
• Basic math skills: subtraction, multiplication, division. For example, you will need to be able to conclude that if a 1000 HP unit is left with 900 HP after getting hit with a 200-damage spell, there was a 50% damage reduction applied somewhere. 

Bonus traits
 Being able to read simple code in C/C++ and/or Rust, so you can spot how EA or our developers created the formula. 
 Higher math skills: being able to figure out the formula (or piece of pseudocode if it contains a loop) with the gathered results. 

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Example image:


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