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Pinging current energy pool

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Yeah but will be different for each thing and the short cut will be alt+left click
Also it would be so nice to ping your monuments and buildings too.
Game itself has a pinging mechanic but as you all know, using it repeatedly can be annoying.

Energy: 10
Void: 50
3x Windreavers alive
x1 Shrine of War
For example, we see many scenarios that multiple player puts several shrine of wars and as you know more then 2 is just useless. If we can just able to ping it to the chat with a red and bigger ping that suggest ''Shrine of War'' it will ease the game play itself.

Or pinging the cooldown of our spells and cooldown of buildings. 
For example two of the players are playing shadow phoenix and waiting for embalmers shrine. It is a such pain and luck to attack simultaneously 'cause you just cannot just trust someone random. 

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