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First of all, great decks. They look well balanced and it is clear you put some thought into it.


I do have a few remarks on it though:

Incredible Mo, Awesome card if you plan to spam ranged units! Resource Booster, very good. Keep in mind to play them as early as possible. Since the deck is more unit heavy, in rpve, I would recommend to skip the last two power wells. You will get enough power anyways with the Boosters, and you can use that 200 power you do not invest into the last two wells into your units. If you are spamming LSS, I would recommend to bring Breeding grounds as well.

I wonder why Coldsnap is in the decks? It has no synergy with any other card, and it even disrupts other cards in your deck from working I.E. frenetic Assault. I would replace Coldsnap cut with the other Frenetic Assault. 

Ashbone Pyro's are always my go-to Tier 3 unit. They are very versatile and does everything you want from a cheap tier 3 unit. Their continuous health rain can scare people off, but I can guarantee that on their 3rd upgrade, that life loss is insignificant and negligible. 

In both decks I am missing a form of void return. I would recommend to add Cultist Masters to both decks instead of the Decomposer as they work fantastically with Furnace of Flesh. 

Some upgrades you could make, if you have the budget, or got these cards from boosters, is to add the green affinity Nether Warp instead of the blue one, and to add Infect. Some cheaper options are Soulshatter, Mealstrom and Thunderstorm.

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