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Balance Developer

As a balance developer, you are responsible to implement design changes to in-game cards using our internal balancing tool. In other words, you are responsible to implement new cards and changes to existing cards. These implementation requests can come from balance updates and content patches from our Faction Designers, but also from the official Skylords Reborn map making team (for example, new bosses for a new map). An integral part of this role is learning our internal balancing tool, as that is the tool that allows us to perform all these changes. You are by no means required to have any programming experience.

 Help with new balance patches by implementing design changes to in-game cards.
 Assist any staff department with the addition/alteration of cards, like new units for maps.
 Take initiative to ensure changes are finished, like reaching out to other developers for help if needed or translators for translations.
 Track and maintain detailed changelogs.

Desired traits
 Be interested in learning how BattleForge cards work behind the scenes.
• Basic experience with version control (Git).
Be able to contribute on Windows: the tool only works on that operating system.
• Comfortable working with technical domains: BattleForge's domain consists of different technical models that can be overwhelming if you have not had a lot of exposure with technical domains.

Bonus traits
 Experience modding in another game.
 Experience programming with C# to help improve and maintain the tool.

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