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Interested in joining the team? Be sure to read this first. Below we go into detail about this specific position. 

3D Tool Developer

As a 3D tool developer, you are responsible to solve one of our biggest technical challenges that will boost the project to the next level: the ability to modify existing 3D models. We already have an internal tool capable of adding new cards using existing re-textured models, but we have no way to meaningfully modify the geometry, animations and special effects. You will be responsible for researching the way BattleForge represents their 3D models and develop tools and a workflow capable of modifying different aspects of those models. The ultimate goal is to be able to add new models with animations and effects never seen before. There have already been very good community efforts and already a lot is known.

 Design and create a workflow capable of adding/altering BattleForge 3D assets.
 Perform exploratory work to understand how BattleForge works with and represents 3D assets.
 Collaborate, where necessary, with established artists and developers to improve the workflow outcome.

Desired traits
 Demonstrable programming experience.
 Good experience with 3D file formats and their internal structure.
• Good experience with computer graphics relevant to 3D models.
 Comfortable analyzing a binary file using a hex editor.

Bonus traits
 Experience with 3D modelling tools.
 Experience with reverse engineering.

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