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Interested in joining the team? Be sure to read this first. Below we go into detail about this specific position. 

Game Client Developer

As a game client developer, you are responsible to maintain and develop the game client. This mostly includes add new pre-game features (content outside of matches, so no game mechanics) through .pak files used by the game. You will be responsible to create and design in-game interfaces for new features, add networking support for new features that require it, solve bugs etc. using LUA, XML and a bit of Rust if needed. Skylords Reborn uses LUA and XML in their .pak files, which are loaded by the client. Communication with the server happens through a proxy written in Rust.

 Implement the client side of new features, which includes creating the views (interface) and controllers (logic for the interface).
 Design the interface for the new features, or collaborate with artists and game designers accordingly.
• Document bugs found by players.
Improve existing codebase through code refactors, bug solving or documentation.
• Collaborate with artists, other developers and game designers.
 Delegate translation tasks to our translators for text that requires translations.

Desired traits
 Willing to learn about how Skylords Reborn works internally (files in .pak).
• Good programming experience with any language.
 Basic understanding of (game) networking.

Bonus traits
 Basic Rust and LUA programming knowledge. 
 Experience modding in another game.
Basic knowledge of CI/CD.

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