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Interested in joining the team? Be sure to read this first. Below we go into detail about this specific position. 

Audio Editor community_splitter.png

We would love to bring our new cards to life by adding unique voice lines and sound effects. We already have some great voice actors standing by and now need someone for post-production and quality control. You will work closely with our voice actors and help them along the way. 

As an Audio Editor, you will be responsible for selecting and extracting the best takes, doing post-production and making sure the overall quality is high enough to be implemented into the game. If you have more skills, you will also be able to design new sounds for the game as Audio Producer. 

 Work with and guide our voice actors to create new English voice lines for the game.
• Post-production and quality control of new sound files and voice lines.
 If able: design new sounds for the game.

Desired traits
 Basic knowledge of a sound editing tool like Audacity.
• Knowledge of audio effects. Especially compressor, equalizer, and de-esser.
• Audio engineering knowledge with reference of past voice mixing works.
Experience with voice recording, being able to guide the voice actors in the recording process.

Bonus traits
 Experience with creating new sound effects.
 Owning a sound-editing tool + audio effects (minimalistic home studio setup).

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Adding new voicelines is currently on hold due to us not having an audio editor. The current voicelines (f.e. Amii Palladin, Banzai Lord) were recorded by community members, and then added by me. I didn't have any audio experience, just a bunch of free time and motivation. Sadly, I cant do this anymore due to being more busy.    

We have voice actors who are very willing to provide voicelines for our new cards (and some old ones). This means that if you have some free time and any audio experience at all, you can already be a great help to the team and help us in getting more voicelines into the game.  

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