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Lower Thunder Wagons engine sound effect

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Hi all,

as a huge fan of Thunder Wagons there's only one thing which keeps me from regularly using them: their way over the top ear-ripping volume while having your view centered on them. The constant sound their engine creates is such a turn-off and sucks all the fun out of this card.

So, my suggestion: reduce the engine sound by 50% (?) to bring it in line with other sound effects. Or are there other ways without turning off all sound effects?


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When someone mentioned elders were getting quieter audio i was really confused because i never found them to be loud and at the same time thunderwagon is so ridiculously loud yet havent been fixed lol. The only other unit i can think of that is/was as bad as wagons are crystal fiends but you dont run around with a huge group of them like wagons.

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