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To make it more clear: the game freezes, every unit freezes, in-game clock stops, the energy counter stops, you can't play any cards however you still can scroll the map and you can hover over cards for an info pop-up.

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47 minutes ago, Majora said:

Does the game disconnect or just freeze until you shut it down yourself?

What you could try to do is play on VPN, weird connection issues are most of the time solved by doing so. 

It just freezes and I shut it down myself.

I already do play on VPN and I didn't know this would have a play on connection stability of the game. Do you know if certain servers are better with the connection issues? Should my proxy server of choice be close to my original location? 

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Did you try to reinstall the game? Maybe you have some corrupted files which cause the crash/freeze. VPN connections can help in stability because the actual server which creates the connection to our server is more consistent than a default ISP for normal home users. This is only milliseconds, but it can help. That's the reason why sometimes a VPN helps and sometimes not.

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