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Shrine of Memory - Upcoming Changes


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As part of our upcoming Nature balance changes, Shrine of Memory will be receiving the following proposed changes. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such as subject to change:

Iteration 1
1. Increase Orb Cost: 2 Nature --> 2 Nature, 1 Neutral
2. Power cost: 100p --> 120p
3. Void Return Cap: 20 void power per 2 sec --> uncapped (max 80 per 2 seconds)
4. Void Return: +200% --> +300%
5. Now affects allies
6. Reduce duration: 35sec --> 30sec
   A. Change U3 upgrade: + 5 seconds duration --> +50% faster power refund

Iteration 1 Goals
As a T2 building, Shrine of Memory sees play in PvP scenarios regularly, but falls behind in PvE compared to other void return mechanics. Its current effect is most efficient with medium amounts of void power, but actually loses efficiency beyond a certain threshold (333) and only works for the owning player.

Keeping it at tier 2, changes have to be considered with PvP implications in mind. Turning it into a tier 3 buildings opens up space, but will make it fall out of PvP, which is the desired outcome anyway. Shrine of Memory now affects allies again and has an uncapped void return. Additionally we have increased the void return percentage to allow it to compete with other void return options in T3. The goal is that after this change all four factions will have competitive void return options which are thematically appropriate to the faction itself. 

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I am delighted to hear how those changes would influence both PvP and PvE scenes.

I am not sure if I am content with the effect being global, though. It had that personal touch before, and now it seems to be perhaps a bit too easy? Shrine of Martyrs requires freeze on enemies; FoF needs 2 deck slots, more power investment and some attention to work (if you want to get power immediately); and Shrine of War requires a player to be in a successful engangement.

I found Shrine of Memory to be useful even before the change, but now without cap and even more efficiency, a global powerful void power return button seem to promote meta lazy approach even more.

If it is supposed to be global I would suggest it as a less powerful (but uncapped) passive effect, to fit supporting role similarly to WoG (Nature has already plenty of "press to support" structures in my view)
Or as a personal effect, more of a burst void return for extended amount of time.

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Now I feel like a nub, always thought SoM was global.  Always thought it was a potentially useful lower tier card to help your team out by assisting them getting to t3 and making Shrine of War, which is immensely OP in regard to void return and there's no chance it will be replaced by, or get competition from, a better version of SoM.  Keeping SoM t2 but making it possibly a little easier to build or a little better would be something i would think would make more sense, potentially.  Somewhat lower cost and it being made global would be nice.  But just brainstorming, not certain.

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