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Battleforge: Skylords Reborn - IRL Shadow cards!

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Here! is the link to the Imgur album as some images are too big to upload in terms of size.

More obvious link: https://imgur.com/a/G9ont8m

But I managed to get printed all 68 Shadow cards (No duplicates, No Promos, 1 Affinity per Shadow card)

I wanted to create these for a memento. I had created the back of the card using images and a little Photoshop and the sides of the cards I've 'Extended' the Level indicators the purple stuff (All cards printed with level 3 but standard charges) Just a preference of mine.


Each card was added manually to the background template and then saved into the card printer's guide.


Hope you think its cool!




Edited by Zer0duck30
Changing uploaded images from digital representations to IRL example as shown in imgur link.
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  • Zer0duck30 changed the title to Battleforge: Skylords Reborn - IRL Shadow cards!
1 hour ago, Kapo said:

How did you cut them out so nicely?

I did make some cards for my D&D group and to my surprise that was the hardest part (especially the rounded edges).

Ah, I didn't cut them! I used a print company 🙂 (The cheats way) haha

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