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Deepgorge - Upcoming Changes

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As part of our upcoming tower rebalance, Deepgorge will be receiving the following proposed changes. Please note that all changes proposed here are provisional and as such as subject to change:

Iteration 1
1. Power cost: 225p --> 200p
2. Ether Eruption damage: 480, up to 720 (2700 dp20) --> 675, up to 1015 (3800 dp20)
3. Cold Clutch radius: 20m --> 25m

Iteration 1 Goals
Deepgorge is one of the worst towers in the game with a stat efficiency comparable to a T2 tower. "Cold Clutch" seems intended to make up for the low combat stats by giving Deepgorge a built-in crowd control. Unfortunately, even this ability is lackluster. Deepgorge has a 5m radius which means its actual effective ability radius against melee units and behind walls is only 15m. When behind certain walls "Cold Clutch" lacks sufficient range to freeze XL units, meaning they can destroy the walls unimpeded as Deepgorge otherwise lacks enough damage to stop them (It will take 1 Deepgorge 40 seconds to kill an NPC Abomination).  

To rectify these issues, we have decided to institute major buffs to Deepgorge. We are increasing the Stonekin fortress's damage by 40% and decreasing its power cost by 25p. This will constitute a 78% increase in total stat efficiency. Even with these buffs, its stat efficiency remains well below all other T4 towers except an unsupported Howling Shrine. This is then rectified by an improved "Cold Clutch", whose increased radius should allow Deepgorge to properly fulfill its role as a damage/crowd control hybrid tower. 

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I must say the only reason why I use Deepgorge is so I can place it (and bunch of other towers) next to spawn point and not have to worry too much about that spot again. It definitely did not deserved to be called a "fortress".

Recently I have been toying with idea of using Frontier Keep which freezes for 10/15/20/20 seconds as opposed to Deepgorge which only 10/10/10/15 seconds. Plus Frontier Keep is T3, 2 Frost 1 Neutral so I could use other things like (3x Lost Launcher [R] for 210 power and still save 15 power; I guess with other coming changes, I might have lot more choices). Slot efficiency wise, I am not really loosing out either since I always to have other towers to support Deepgorge anyhow. Power efficiency wise, Frontier Keep obviously loses out to just 1 Deepgorge but I think you can get away with 2 Frontier Keep (due to 10 second immunity and if you are using Northstar [B]) and definitely no more than 3 so it probably becomes more power efficient compared to more 4 Deepgorge. Of course, that doesn't consider you have freeze protection for ALL your buildings and doing more damage even if you are using a more power. All that depends on situation but overall I was thinking Frontier Keep, if I didn't mind with the manual freezing part, should be better for most things.


I am looking forward to the changes.



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Sounds interesting.

It is super tanky now, and I guess it has adamant alloy for 15% damage reduction. Fits well into tankiness of Stonekin. Atleast now it is a cheaper alternative to Worldbreaker.

I am not sure if I like the freeze effect over here in the first place. There are no freeze-penetrating T4 Stonekin units (Tempest?), and it's not a desired CC among the community.

Perhaps I would consider following effects:

Slower movement speed within Deepgorge's radius
Slower attack speed within Deepgorge's radius.

Perhaps that would suit slow tanky Stonekin playstyle a bit better? All in all, freeze is best a CC (:frostorb:) . It would give some good value, and attack speed debuff is pretty unique in Battleforge.

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9 minutes ago, Dallarian said:

I am not sure if I like the freeze effect over here in the first place. There are no freeze-penetrating T4 Stonekin units (Tempest?), and it's not a desired CC among the community.

Freeze isn't really detrimental for static defense here due to access to North Star.

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Stats alone, Deepgorge doesn't look too bad but power efficiency is just terrible as stated in OP. Consider 1x Hatecaster can take on 1x Abomination (or barely take on 1x Giant Wyrm due to range attack) while 1x Deepgorge can't.


I wouldn't mind giving Stonekin something unique from Frost but I typically do try to include Northstar especially if I am using Deepgorge. I might not include Northstar with Coldsnap but I have been going back to Coldsnap/that old staple after getting burned in rPvE with Spitfire too close to T3 orb (as opposed to Curse of Oink or Glyph of Frost).


Personally, I don't think Deepgorge necessarily needed stat boost (but I am certainly not going to be the one to say no to that) and other direction could had been longer freeze time or maybe like slower attack speed as suggested by @Dallarian. Bottom line, I do think Deepgorge needed some love.

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