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A suggestion for Event Organizers and devs in regard to Community Challenges.

Even with the small sample size we have today, it becomes apparent that Community Maps are not something everyone is familiar with. For Community Challenges with Community Maps such as CCC#2 and Dallarians “Lyr’s Distress Call” is this an additional hurdle to reach players - no matter how well the event is managed.

I suggest an additional location for Community Challenges (very well illustrated below in orange (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ). It would host the current Community Challange, be it a Community Map or any specific cPvE or rPvE setting. With the difficulty preset, nothing can go wrong and it would be the least effort required for any player to join.

The addition of a custom Leaderboard which can be hidden or shown during the event (depending on the event leader) could be a future expansion to this feature. It could also be used to extract replays directly which would further reduce the steps required for a player to take part in the challenge.

Feel free to chip in expansions or adjustments as well as your thoughts on this idea.



Edit 1: The Icon could change its apperance according to the max human player amount of the active map. 

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I think it would be fantastic for Official and Community Events. You could put a short event description in it, automatically select the right difficulty, etc.

Even if you do a rPVE 9 event, if you have an extra button on the map, the players get that _something is up_.

Dev time restriction is always a problem, but I wouldn't slot this idea too far into the backlog.

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