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Several typos in French

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Hey, here is the new batch of small errors I found in French.

  • Spell type of green offering is wrong: French instead of Arcane 😅


  • Mistake in Northern Keep's ability description. Here is a correct wording I suggest: 'Activez pour creuser un fossé dans un rayon de 20m dans lequel toutes les unités de petite ou moyenne taille seront abritées. Ces unités subiront 100% de dégâts en moins. [...]'


  • Typo in Snapjaw's autocast description: it should be '(9 pts max.).' and 'Matière noire'.


  • When a player surrenders, the message displayed should be: 'Player s'est rendu !'.


  • I think Arcane spells are the ones that do not need ground presence. Hence, the tip should be: 'Astuce du jour : À l'inverse des cartes de sort et des cartes d'enchantements, les cartes de sort des arcanes ne nécessitent aucune présence sur le terrain pour être utilisées'.


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I found out two other small things:

The duration of Fountain of Rebirth does not show the proper value on the units themselves:



There shound be a space before the exclamation mark of Hurricane's ability name: "Emportez-les !"




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I found two other things:

Typos in the ability description of Knight of Chaos. Should be "sont touchés".



Missing translation when trying to take a slot that is already taken (sorry for the quality of the screenshot, didn't notice it right away). Translation: "La position est déjà prise, essayez-en une autre"





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I've spotted some other mistakes in French:

Achievement description: 'La fin de Raven' --> 'La fin du Corbeau'




Inconcistency for Thugs: 'prend' --> 'subit' and 'prennent' --> 'subissent'




Inconcistency for Twilight Crawler (purple aff.): The cards description states that infected ennemies will deal 30% more damage during 10 seconds. BUT the tooltip states that the unit takes 30% more damage. This needs to be clarified.






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