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Commons only Frost-Nature deck

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I had an idea to try and make commons-only deck. I went with Frost-Nature because... Best common flyers in the game! (Yeah Lost Dragons would argue, but with commons only you can't sustain them 😞 ).


And so I tried it with current month rPvE lvl 10. It was pretty easy (no Windhunters on t3)  I haven't made any preparations and it was just second try (first try failed at cleaning of first camp).

Few notes I have to mention - unfortunately Nortland Drake ability was VERY clunky to use, and it probably was activated 1 out of 5 times. Rip Shattered ice combo. At least still able to combo with Tempest.

Stone Stempest was very helpful, it's only common large creature on t2, and that's very solid. Spirit hunters were very nice DPS with use of some micro play.

Tier 3 was pretty easy, tremors are great, swamp drakes too.

Tier 4 Giant Wyrms are carry, I added Northland drakes to make use of their ability but rip. Tempests were harder to play than I expected. Still possible tho.

And about heals, yeah I run out of charges on almost every heal (except surge). Stone Shell is great common spell that increases efficiency of healing spells a lot. You could notice in reply how fast health bars of my dragons were going down without shell.

Overall I must say, it was very fun experience to play very low-budget deck ( even with all the u3 lol) like in good old times. And it's very noticable, how great even uncommons in Battleforge (roots, gemeyes, coldsnaps, aggressors, grimvines etc). Splashing shadow would make things much easier that's for sure, but maybe next time?

What do you think? How do you like to restrict yourself like this?


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On 1/18/2022 at 2:06 PM, Metagross31 said:

Very cool idea and yet again a proof, that you don't need expensive or meta cards to play the game.
I might refer to this post, when people ask for beginner decks in the future 🙂

Also I like the challenge aspect and might try something like this in the future as well 🙂

Thank you! Yes Battleforge is really full of different ways to play! I can't wait for defensive rPvE to try all the fun defence tactics! For now I'll probably think of more off-meta decks and commons-based decks

On 1/18/2022 at 4:59 PM, ThomasMann said:

No mauler? disappointed 

I even wanted to put it at first. But it's way too situative  in rPvE/

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4 hours ago, Cocofang said:

What are the issues with it?

Short answer: It is not viable at all and can lead beginners to big frustration imo.

I have much love for the guide I recommended and you would not guess how often I do that in the non public.

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