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Hello fellow skylords,

since GoL got changed here's how the map was beaten as fast as possible - without an explination. 🙂
The document shows different timings for player-inputs for 4player to 1player speedruns for the map before the changes in Patch #400031 - 18 December 2021.
Here's also the Google docs link.

There won't be an explination. I'm just sharing it for the sake of sharing.



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@Cocofang This speedrun was 95% execution and 5% "luck". Of course it would be automatable with hotkey scripts, but besides being TOS it's a pain to sync to perfection.

@Kapo This is just one (more precisely my) way of optimising. As a run gets shorter (and thus less random and more optimised), details gain on importance. That's why this is very detailed to every point of energy.

There are more experinced player in the community which theorycraft and optimise runs on the fly. So don't expect every strategy has this much of a detailed plan to execute. 😄

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the alltime by myself (6.25 time) will be uploadet to Youtube as soon Lebovin have the time to make the video. 

@kapo i am one of the "on the fly" optimiser. Means Lerning by doing and optimize at the time i run. If i got a new idea to optimize, it is many Trys and many restarts until i can see in the replay if its worth or not. For this i many only writh down some markstamps of time to see if somfing gets faster or not. 

On 12/24/2021 at 9:26 PM, Kapo said:

I'm baffled.

Of course I knew that there is some amount of theorycrafting and planning involved in doing a _real_ speedrun, but the amount of detail is far beyond then what I expected.


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