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Suddenly game wont start.


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I have been a little distracted by another game I won't mention, recently, but previous to that I had been on SkylordsReborn daily.  While I was distracted, I noticed 2 different updates occurred which seem to have caused the issue of my game not appearing after START is clicked on teh launcher.  I disabled my system security and it still does not start.  I am uncertain how to potentially resolve the issue.  Should I try reinstalling?


Thanks in advance for any info.

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Thanks for the reply.  I noticed my PC was doing strange things after I encountered the issue of Skylords Reborn not opening past the launcher, running slowly, and things would not open completely or would be sluggish.  No idea why or how it happened.  For reference, I have a gen 4.0 rocket m.2, a 5800x, r9 390, and 16gb 4000mhz RAM.  After my PC had fully rebooted more than once, I tried running the game 10 mins ago from the time of this post and it opened fine.  I also noticed yet another update, no clue if that fixed it or if the problem was something else.

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