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Fullscreen / Settings bug

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I'm having an issue with my battleforge where I can play the game normaly on windowed mode at my screen resolution, but anytime I switch to fullscreen and restart the game, the login screen is completely frozen (although it still works because I can hear the music and the click on options button...).

I tried messing around with the config.xml file as suggested on another thread but any changes I make there never apply to the game.

The only way I solved the problem the 1st time was by deleting all the files in C:\Users\(...)\Battleforge. This would re-enable the "detect settings" and reset to windowed mode, that works properly without issues, except the fact that its windowed.

Any way to fix this problem? I really hate playing on windowed.....

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I just tried to change "fullscreen" to true on the config.json and once again the image is just frozen. I can click the exit button and the game closes, but there is no animation! its just frozen, I click on options and nothing shows up, but I can hear the click sound..

now to fix it I need to delete the files in C : \ Users \ (...) \ Battleforge to reset the settings.

I dunno it's weird...


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