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Ascension Map Bug - Spirit of Viridya kills Jorne though Map 2 is not failing

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NAME: See title

DESCRIPTION: After the Map failed with "Jorne died", FoodForThought and checked our replays, Jorne was fine and Map 2 was CC'ing Viridya correctly. At the end of the Map 1 Replay Viridyas Spirit appears and insta-kills Jorne, which we think this shouldnt have happend.

REPRODUCIBILITY: No idea under what condition this happens


LOG: None

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Since its so hard to get enough people to join Ascension, this is very frustrating. It isnt my first time that the Map fails and everybody wonders why, so I consider this a high priority.

Ascension_Expert_-_Map_1_-_Jorne_Fine_Viri_Spirit_appears.pmv Ascension_Expert_-_Map_2_-_Viridya_CC.pmv

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