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Windhunter's bug

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Hey All, 

I noticed this a few nights ago and I figured Id post it here.

When Windhunters attack ground troops, they knock small units back, as soon as they get knocked back its like the Windhunters stop doing damage. A singe group of archers can take out multiple Windhunters without dying. Has anyone else faced this issue?



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Hello RX8Toxic,

What you are experiencing is actually not a bug. There are 2 types of knockback, center targeted and unit targeted. Windhunter has center targeted knockback meaning it targets the center of a squad. There are pros and cons to both, people just notice the Windhunter issues more because the unit has a small splash radius.

Either way, we are intending to remove Windhunter's s-knockback in the future as part of a set of buffs to the card, so it will no longer be an issue then.

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