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New promo voting is now public

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Hey everyone!

As mentioned in our last community update, we plan to add a new promo to the game. The vote was locked behind Juggernaut-tier patreon, but we got permission to make it a community vote instead!

We have 5 options (restricted by fitting artwork we have available) and want you to vote for your favorite! Moloch and Skyelf Commander will receive buffs in the future, regardless of the vote.

You can vote on our Social Media:
- Facebook
- Reddit
- Discord


Note: The images below are mock-ups and might receive changes to fit with the new promo-look. 

We will share the results and how you will be able to collect the new promo in a later update.

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So far it looks like its gonna be Mana-wing... pls nooo i dont want that chicken xD I prefer any card over that one. But oh well if its not gonna be the card i want, it doesnt mean its never gonna happen right? Maybe it wont be sunderer this time, but there is still hope after that.

This is a kinda Smash Bros situation were you hope that youre favorite fighter is gonna make it... but this time its about card reskins 😄

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