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Community Update #14 - November 13th 2021

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1 hour ago, Chronopie said:

Tainted Cleanse sounds like a oxymoron, and, I need to note, has the effect of the Gifted Disenchant, with the Tainted Disenchant instead being tailored to making enemies insensitive to buffs. Might be worthwhile changing its affinity.

Infused Cleanse is fine though.

If you look closely you will see that the Tainted Cleanse affects enemies and allies. So the Infused version affects 5 allies while the Tainted version affects unlimited allies and enemies. Now positively disenchanting enemies isn't too much of an issue for Pure Bandits (outside of Frenetic/Amok) but it does provide a downside when playing with CC-reliant allies. I think the fact that the Tainted version benefits allies makes Tainted the correct designation. 



As for balancing concerns, since the numbers aren't finalised:


The 290 power cost, two red/two purple orb cost, 5250 (L)/2950 statline feels somewhat awkward, considering their closest comparisons are their fellow Bandit Deck capstones, Bloodhorns (RPXX) and Tortugun (RRPP), both at 240 power, 4700 (XL)/5000 and 8400 (L)/3200 respectively, at U0. That's one hell of a premium just for having wings.


On the other wing, Fire Dragons are 240 power, 2150 (XL)/2400 at U0, and three fire orbs. But that's still a one orb splash, rather than being locked behind a specific four orb combo. And the Rage is one hell of a drug.

Giant Wyrms, we all know that they're going to be a direct comparison to any other dragon, are 4000 (L)/3530 at U0, going up to 5115 (L)/3530 at U3, for just ten more power (300), but the far more flexible one Green splash.

At U3, Wasteland Wing will have 6000 dp20. That means with Life Stealer its effective life points over 20 seconds will be 3850. So 6000/2950 immediately, but effectively 6000/3850. Generally speaking, there really is one hell of a premium for having wings and in terms of raw stats Wasteland Wing has a stat efficiency on the upper end for single-target XL flying units. But on top of that, and this is a very important consideration, Wasteland Wing's stats are found primarily in its attack value. This is already powerful for a ranged unit, but becomes even more so for flying ranged units because of how many threats they are necessarily shielded from by being flying units in the backline. I have a feeling Wasteland's stats are very close to correct, especially with how powerful an AoE disenchant is for this deck, but testing will help us further hone in on the appropriate values and see if any changes are necessary in terms of attack, health, and power costs.

As an aside: "Pure" hybrid cards are quite odd because they are simultaneously more and less restrictive than 3X/1N units like Fire Dragon. Generally speaking 2X orbs gives you more than 1X orb with perhaps the exception of 1 Nature vs. 2 Frost, and 2 Shadow orbs in T4 is probably the strongest combination in the game right now.


1 hour ago, Metagross31 said:

Omg, I am super hyped for the new Bandit card, it looks amazing!!

Just a little question about the red affinity:
It currently says "adds x% bonus siege damage to allied units...". Does that mean, that only siege units are buffed, or do all units get a siege bonus from the ability, no matter if they have it normally or not?

Every affected ally will receive the 100% siege bonus, not just units with siege. Twilight Warfare has a similar effect.

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Regarding the artwork feeling less zoomed in than other dragons, the cardframe itself is still a mock-up that I put together for this community update, and might change a bit (more zoomed in, or more to the bottom like this older mockup from Tweeto). The issue with zooming in more is that you cant see its badass wings though. 


Personally I really like the art, and while constructive feedback is always good to hear, please keep in mind a volunteer put in hours upon hours of work on it. 


4 minutes ago, SkyGOAT94 said:

Hey where i get the update? i cant play right now...

What is your question exactly? 

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@Chronopie For this bandit dragon you have very powerful support from Unity and Bloodthirst. On top of its innate life steal, which synergizes greatly with its high offensive stat. That will lead to this guy being deceptively tanky, it's going to be an airborne leechtank. As long as it isn't bursted out of the sky, it won't go down at all. And you got a mobile mass-cleanse that you can even use preemptively. Assuming these are U0 numbers, then the duration might even be longer than 10 seconds. Or it might be even cheaper. I think that justifies a price tag of 280-290.

As for the artwork itself, the color scheme is amazing. It fits in seamlessly with other bandit cards. I do think it should be a bit bigger though, there is a lot of wasted space.


Maybe have it be more centered like this.

The lower jaw seems a bit small to me though. Almost like a fish eating crocodile, with a very slender and fragile jaw. It suggests that this mighty dragon is mostly hunting small and soft game. I think it should be way more pronounced and give the impression that it could crack open a Tortugun. Even if you look at the in-game model of Northland Drake, its jaw bone is very big and looks like it has powerful muscles despite having a much more slender snout than the Gen1 dragon models. And the neck seems very short, like it is ducking its head. Might just be perspective but if you look at the in-game models, the neck is always very long compared to the placement of the wings.

Wasteland Wing does sound like a very fitting name. The alliteration makes it very smooth and it makes sense that it would be called like that by natives.

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As I said I never wanted to offend anyone, it was just my opinion, of course he made an amazing piece of art with that and thats something I highly respect! The creator can be proud of this, but its just as people pointed out a little empty. I mean, in the end I dont really mind, it wont be my decision and I will gladly accept any new card in the game.

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I think pointing out the dragon in the picture can be moved slightly to make it fit with other dragons and potentially fill more of the space is fine feedback to air. As Majora said, the current orientation was put together for the community update and we can take everyone's feedback here into consideration and perhaps fit it in the card in the second way Majora just suggested above. In terms of the artwork itself, I personally love it and I am even more excited about when we get to reveal the other cards we have in store. 

In terms of card name: I think Wasteland Wing is an awesome name (not mine) and I like that many of the suggestions preserve the "wasteland" part.
In terms of ability name: I came up with Cleanse which is informative but somewhat lackluster. When the ability used to be an AoE Amok it was named "Cry Havoc" in reference to the Shakespeare line "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" which seemed fitting for a chaos effect. I think, given the ability is freeing your own to cause chaos though it could still fit. So:

Card name: Wasteland Wing
Ability Name: Cry Havoc

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Name: Wasteland Scorcher
Ability: Tainted/Infused Purge

Seeing as his ability is basically cleansing with fire, maybe Wasteland Scorcher would be a fitting name. Setting the battlefield ablaze and leaving nothing behind.
"Wasteland" definitely needs to stay, though!
For the ability name: the fact that it's a dragon probably means nothing it does is very gentle. "Cleansing" debuffs from units sounds too nice and caring and gentle, so I propose that he purges them instead. This also fits with my reasoning for my proposed name.

And yeah, I would crop the image a little more, even if it cuts off most of the wings. It being zoomed out like this makes him look smaller than a Windhunter even, which I'm sure he's not.

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54 minutes ago, Riviute said:

As I said I never wanted to offend anyone, it was just my opinion, of course he made an amazing piece of art with that and thats something I highly respect! The creator can be proud of this, but its just as people pointed out a little empty. I mean, in the end I dont really mind, it wont be my decision and I will gladly accept any new card in the game.

The card looks way better when the higher resolution version is used.

When I looked at it it was looking out of place, so I thought it could be the sizing, but seeing that it was because of low quality art used, now I think it's ok.

From main post and from Majora's repost.

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very cool core deck on the first MAP, and a manawing promo? yes, how sweet


the design has a Great flavor of vanity, and will be That much easier to crush those stonekin bolters, not to mention two seperate infusions, with more frost spells, we can have the Time of our lives, deckbuilding professionally, keep up the good work and see You in the FORGE

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