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The life bar from the dazed units.

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If a unit is spawned in the middle of the battlefield and is dazed, then you cannot see at first glance whether the unit is dazed or just injured. For this reason, the other ally could think that this summoned unit is injured and heal it (without success). In addition, it is also not apparent at first glance how long this state will last. My suggestion would be that you simply color the life bar of the dazed units differently (e.g. in white instead of green) and / or you could shorten the life bar by half so that it can be seen that it already has its current maximum life points and not needs to be healed. You could also display an icon or a small animation over the dazed unit to show that it is stunned. So that you can see more quickly how long the dazed state will last, you could (similar to the mountaineer ) display a bar, with it becoming smaller and smaller. If it goes away, then the dazed state is gone too.

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19 hours ago, Majora said:

Apparently this is one of those ''easy to change IF we had the source code'' situation, and it doesnt look like something we can implement 🙁

Maybe with the health bar - but cant you give the "Dazed" condition an existing animation above the head of the unit? some small swirly thingy - would that be possible?

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