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Get cards from packs or auctions?

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I would say get from auction house or else you just become addicted to boosters as i am and lose most of the BFP (But it sure is fun to open them) xD

One way is to sell the boosters you get to buy the specific cards you want, Or choose to gamble might be very lucky or not. The first one is obviously more consistent and worthwhile (But less fun 😄)

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With boosters you have a chance of getting high value cards for a low amount of BFP whereas you have to buy those high value cards in the auction house for a lot of BFP. Chances to get high value cards, e.g. promos, are pretty low, but still existent of course. You can read more about booster rations here.

So with boosters your chances are high to get good cards right at the beginning. But you can also be unlucky (like I was) and only get common cards which aren't too good (but of course still usable depending on the matches you want to play).

Especially in the beginning it might be good for you to buy boosters from your BFP instead of cards in the auction house. You get more cards and you probably also don't know which cards you need since you're a beginner.

Another option would be to trade cards btw. But make sure that you don't get scammed. Always check the prices in the auction house to see if you make a good deal or not. Check out this topic where you can read about how to check card prices.

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Opening boosters is a big part of the game.

It really depends on what you want here. If you are excited about trying new things and experimenting with cards you haven't used before, then open boosters. Try the stuff you get from them. Not having all the cards and working with what I had was a whole lot of fun in the beginning. So if exploration is interesting to you, just open boosters.

If you have certain cards in mind that you really need or want to play, then the AH is the better option, obviously.

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14 hours ago, Morgotheron said:

I have a question. Is it worth to buy packs? Because I can buy specific cards from auctions. So why I should choose packs? I am beginner so I don't have much cards.

There's no question that buying cards from the auction house is more "efficient" with your bfp. If you want to build  your deck as fast as possible, I recommend buying with the daily discount (350 bfp) and reselling for ~420 bfp, then buying the cards you need from the AH or direct trades.

However, a lot of players have fun opening boosters, and it's a great way to find new cards to experiment with. If you're a new player and you don't have a "dream deck" already in mind, it might be more fun to just open the boosters and see what you get. If you're a returning player and you already know what every card does and you're looking to build your bfp empire as fast as possible, then yes--it's more efficient to sell boosters and buy specific cards directly.

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I think it is a mistake to gamble at the start.

My advice is to try out the factions with the cards you already have, and then select one or two decks you really want to get to work properly. Sell your boosters and buy the missing cards. To put it in perspective: Lets say you want to play frost, how long will it take to get a Frost Mage (or two), a Avatar, a Frost Shard, a Dreadnought (etc.) from boosters, even if you would buy frost boosters? It just doesnt work. Plus, if you have bad luck at the start and pull crappy cards, you killed your chances to have your _first_ half-decent deck right from the start.

After you got one or two working decks you can decide again what to do. You might gamble as much as you want, cause its fun. But at least you have something to play the game with.

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