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Can't mindcontrol Windhunter

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NAME: Can't mindcontrol Windhunter

DESCRIPTION: I tried to mindcontrol a bandit windhunter in the pve mission "MO". It allowed me to cast it but I didn't gain control of it.

REPRODUCIBILITY: Haven't tried it again yet.

LOG: The log is over the maximum upload size.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This reminds me of a bug on old battleforge where you I'd try to parasite swarm a windhunter or the big bird from "behind enemy lines" on expert and, just like in this case, I could use the ability and the parasite would die but I would get nothing in return. I'd check both the windhunter and that bird regarding enemy controlling abilities.


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On 9/14/2021 at 6:32 PM, Ggoblin said:

Managed to try it with a nightguard. Could activate the ability just like I could play this spell, neither unit was switched however.

Mind control does not work because Generic_Uncontrollable is a hidden ability of the bandit windhunter card. It is implemented in the worst possible way, allowing the player to spend power and then get nothing for it.

Try on test server though. There a nightguard should at least no longer be able to waste your power, as the orb requirements of the windhunter should prevent swap. At a later stage the hidden ability would probably get removed and thus mindcontrol would work.

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