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Patch #400030 - 08 September 2021


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Patch #400030

Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and Skyfolk!

This update contains our third balance patch for the game alonside some other changes, enjoy! In this patch we put our main focus on making Pure Frost a more competitive deck in PvE and on improving the balance of PvP. All of these changes were implemented and tested in the last four months, so it's built up to be quite a big patch. Feedback to these changes can be given on the balancing discord. When you give feedback make sure to properly support your reasoning by including replays or video footage.


Where are balance changes discussed? 
For now we have a Discord server dedicated for this. An invite link to the server: https://discord.gg/NvSUwpf

How can I join the test server?
To join the test server you simply need to launch LauncherTest.exe located in your BattleForge installation folder. It is important you run the updater first, so you download the latest test server files. In the future we plan to make it easier to join the test server. 



A detailed list of all changes can be found on our wiki. However, since the patch notes are quite long, we prepared a summary document for you! You can find it attached to this post. Patch #400030 - September 2021.pdf

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Weird to see so much shift on frost units from health to damage, but seems like fun changes over all. Since I was currently thinking if I'd use voidmaw, grim bahir or giant wyrm in my rPvE deck as general damage the buffs to void maw are especially intersting and I think convinced me to use them.

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As an active fan and player of pure color decks and full bandit decks etc, these changes for Comet Catcher, Sh. of Martyrs, Satanael and Al. of Chaos are good, not game changing so thats good, but also unnecessary. I Used every one of these cards until now and the problem is not the card, but the players seeking an easier way to play without trying to use it efficiently.
Anyway the Ravenheart is an excellent change! 

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It's always nice to see updates from the team.

We get changes to maps, card balancing and now we're even getting new cards!!
It feels like getting what we wanted during all those years where the game was still online but basically abandoned by EA, putting all the staff in other projects.

Thanks for all the hard work, it's obviously not easy to do all that you did with a code that is incomplete and that someone else made and you don't even have the rights to. We greatly appreciate your efforts!
I hope the community continues growing and that you have great success in you personal lives as well, you guys certainly deserve it!! 

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