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hello my username is doctor gami and i didn t play the game for a while i think 3 mounth. when i entred again this time i fond all my cards gone my decks gone .all progress gone even levels in ranked gone witch i was using to upgrade cards to lev 3. i actually even tho i lost all cards i want 1 card back . lord cyrian was my favorite card i used it a lote in ranked in pve. i had all the frost shadow cards and frost cards and shadow cards and lord cyrian and logan kayle promo  . if someone can help me at less get lord cyrian card back. i lost compain progress

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December 2020 everyone's account was reset (meaning you lost cards, upgrades, bfp, decks etc.) due to us releasing. This was announced extensively and shouldn't have been a surprise.
This must be the reason your account is reset.

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58 minutes ago, abm said:

This is why this game is dead. What is the point of playing if you can't spare sometime away from the game without losing your account cards and rank. No one will play this game uninterruptedly.

What is your post about? Instead of complaining here and posting false statements, you should've read the release announcements and the post from @Ladadoos. There you can see, that this was announced almost since the beginning of the open stress test.

During the open stress test there were several situations where people abused bugs which lead to an unstable economy within the game. And this was one of the main reasons we decided to do a clean start for everyone once we fully release the game. And this full release happened almost one year ago in December 2020.

There won't be any more resets in the future. The only thing which could happen - but is very unlikely - is, that we have to roll back one or a few days if a bug or something else would "kill" the database or corrupt data in it.

So please don't post false accusations in the future and read the important threads on the forum and on Discord @abm. Feel free to create your character ingame and have fun playing. You won't regret it.

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