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Replay platform (+reply to dev mail)

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Hi Skylords, apologies in advance for spelling & in case I picked the wrong subforum.


I recently posted a status update encouraging people to use the replay-website bfleague.com.

5 days ago I got ingame modmail asking me if it's my site or if i'm just using it (see screenshot attached).

Note to devs: It wasn't possible for me to reply ingame!


I'm making this thread for two reasons:

  1. I'm not affiliated with bfleague.com in any way and just stumbled over it in the forums 
  2. I think an offical replay hub should be high priority for stronger community bonding , higher player engagement overall and a healthier pvp scene


As mentioned in some forum threads, there has been a replay repository that existed in the battleforge days. Frankly, I do not know who ran it and how much it was really used.

Anecdotally back in the day, my bf homies and I ended up on bfcards.info to check how to beat an expert campaign map. We all started to use the site regulary and watch high rank PvP replays- probably the most defining factor that made us try competing in 1vs1 instead of PvE and 2vs2 only.


Shortly after the skylords release in 2020, i vaguely recall some dev account posting they are "working on their own solution" (for a replay site). I checked the community updates so far, but am not aware of any follow up.

Today, (forum search) the current and "most offical-seeming" reply found on this specific topic was:

If there are any other projects or developement updates i am not aware of please let me know! 

I feel the skylords project would be well advised to launch an offical version of this service, and not put in on the usual skylords timeframe (no offense, thanks for all the amazing and time-consuming hornorary work all of you do, but you know what i mean).

Suggestion: set an offical replay site  even if just barebones —  to be a priority to release with the next balancing update.

As @dreaddy has shown, the technical part is already covered. His site just lacks some structure and maybe some bonus features like "show winner". A replays.skylords.eu site like this could also be a good place to feature replays of bigger events like the PvE Community Contests or Toggy's tournaments and make skylords.eu more of a community hub for the playerbase as it currently is.


What do you guys think? Any of you used a replay site back in the day? Do you think a site like this is negligible?


If there have been any offical updates on this topic that were missed, I humbly apologize


Kind regards

skylords reborn.PNG

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