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Eruption damage calculation is bug if there are dead target

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DESCRIPTION: As I test Frost Shard, I though the damage calculation is wrong due to its unique freeze feature.

However eruption suffer the same thing.


5 gladiatrix u0, 3stay close in middle of eruption AoE.

2 stay any where in Aoe of Erruption.

Cast Erruption u3 2 times.


Expected :

gladiatrix 450 x 5 = 2250

erruption : 300 pertarget, 900 total x 2= 1800 total

3 dead , 1 have 150, 1 have 300


Actual :

3 dead, 1 at 225 , 1 unharmed.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  the damage clearly mess up.

In Frost shard case, some might thought due to the freeze, but it is clearly mess up in this case.

My best guess is damage calculation module for spell is bugged.

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If a unit has 150 HP and you do an eruption on it, the unit can have more than 150 damage dealt to it, the rest of the "overhanging" damage then goes to nowhere.

When damage is dealt in a radius, it is always distributed from the inside out. If you repeat the test and apply the eruption only slightly offset, you will always get different results.

The fact that units get 100% damage of a skill/spell even though they have less HP and that the rest is then just over it, is by the way a comprehensible and from other games quite known damage calculation for me, depending on the spells/skills mechanics. But even though it's understandable to ME here, of course our devs may agree with you here and consider the overhanging damage a "bug".

Btw the result I get mostly with this is: 1 Dead,  3x 150 and 1x 75 -> so I usually "loose" only 75 of the max dmg - This 75 "missing" damage to the max dmg was then allocated to the dead gladiatrix in this case

If you want to report bugs joining the Balancing Discord, as @Metagross31 already proposed, would be a good idea to keep track with already known issues and ongoing changes, to refer to the Frost Shard.

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Thanks for the report. The game used to have an issue when calculating overkill damage. We recently implemented a fix for Fire Sphere and Shatter Ice. We will apply this fix in the future to other cards as well after balancing testing. I will be moving this to resolved for now.

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