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"Plague" deals less damage than intended

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NAME: Plague deal less damage than potential,  does not deal damage when target is moving on initial cast.


In forge, summon 5 Twilight Devastator

Cast "Plague" so that  it affect all.

at U3 it suppose to jump 7 times.

 potential Damage per cycle (of jump) 100/s (per host) x 5target x 4 seconds = 2000

7 jumps = 2000 x 7 = 14000


Highly, out of 5 times, 4 tries does not even kill 1 Twilight Devastator out of 5.

Tried out on a group of 10, the damage is still far less than the damage cap.

Damage ranged widely, so not sure what happen. sometimes it deal no damage after jump to new host.

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