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Test Server Patch - Iteration 15 - 9 June 2021

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Iteration 15

Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk!

Iteration 15 of our test server is here. It contains a lot of descriptive changes to card and ability descriptions, bug fixes, quality of life changes and balance changes to PvE and PvP.


Where are balance changes discussed? 
For now we have a Discord server dedicated for this. An invite link to the server: https://discord.gg/NvSUwpf

How can I join the test server?
To join the test server you simply need to launch LauncherTest.exe located in your BattleForge installation folder. It is important you run the updater first, so you download the latest test server files. In the future we plan to make it easier to join the test server. 


Balancing Changes

  • Amok: Added green affinity similar to red affinity with increased charges from 4 to 8, increased duration from 15 to 20 seconds and additional damagebuff of 20% to all targets.
  • Bloodthrist: Added green affinity: Will trigger the healing for every 600/500/400/400 damage that the unit dealt, heals 185/185/185/200 for 4 seconds.
  • Core Dredge (blue): Its Shatter Ice effect also affects buildings now.
  • Grim Bahir: Added Knockback resistance to the crawlers and gave them L counter.
  • Ironclad (green & purple): Reduced duration of active from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • Magma Hurler: Now deals +30 more damage per hit, 45 in total. Additionally, now properly displays the mean attack interval of 3.9 seconds and brings its attack value to 1730 instead of 1700 (the miniscule increase is because of the previous value being higher than it should be)
  • Plague (Purple): Changed Orbs from 2 Shadow + 2 Neutral to 3 Shadow + 1 Neutral. Removed the effect on allies and added another spread wave that will infect another 3 targets with the same effect when one unit that is infected by one of the original parasites dies. Changed visual effects. Now the befallen's curse effect will indicate which unit will spread the parasites on death and which won't.
  • QueekQueek (superpig): made attacks consistent with the normal version. Now has the same base attackspeed (3 seconds instead of 4,5) and damage per attack (76 to all targets instead of 106 to units and 70 to buildings and structures) (ofc still has the buff from super powers). Additionally, made the range of the teleport global instead of having a range of 500m. Overall the changes result in a slight buff to super pig.
  • Shatter Ice: Removed the purple affinity and reduced the cooldown of the default version from 30 to 20 seconds to match the removed purple affinity. This was done because of a bug wih the purple affinity where it didn't ignore the 50% damage reduction of frozen targets.
  • Shrine of Martyrs, Embalmer's Shrine, Willzapper, Lost Disruptor: changed it so that the own team and the enemy team can have one each active at the same time
  • Stone Warrior (blue): Made ability usable on frozen buildings.
  • Tempest: Streamlined U3 so that it deals 100% more damage to frozen targets on all upgrades (was only ~92% more for U3, while 100% for U0/1/2).
  • Thugs (red): Removed Looter
  • Void Maw (red and purple): Changed attack from 380 single target to splash with 10 m, 380 single dmg and 420 max dmg. Also increase charges from 8 to 12.
  • Warlock (nature): Now properly ignores the 50% damage reduction of frozen targets and additionally deals 50% increased damage against them
  • White Rangers (no affinity and blue): Home Defense now properly deals 100% damage against units, 50% against buildings and walls and no damage against monuments and wells.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Comet Catcher, Mana Wing, Soul Splicer, Decomposer, Timeless One: removed the min range of 1
  • Gladiatrix (purple): now does not apply the buff-immunity to allies units the ability was cast on
  • Incredible Mo: Can now be switched back from every mode but the first one (there it is still automatically switched back after the ability is done). Abilities now also use the mode change icon to explain that 100% of the power used is gained as void power (as with all mode changes that cost energy). Adjusted the description accordingly
  • Lifestream: U3 duration buff now won't also increase cooldown of the ability
  • Moon: switched around active abilities on cards and description to fit her hotkeys
  • Northstar (blue): now gives a debuff to hostile units when they will be frozen longer (only visualisation)
  • Overlord: Reduced the hidden unhealability during the cast of Blood Sharing from 5 seconds to only 100 ms (= 0,1 seconds) exactly when the healing takes effect.
  • Resource Booster: Can now be placed like a normal building and is not restricted to own power wells anymore. That was done because the restriction to be played is 15m and the aura is 20m
  • Slaver: now triggers the eruption animation on death as the PvE version does.
  • Stone Warrior: Now shows a debuff for the freeze/paralyze duration increase on attacked target.
  • Voodoo Shack: now shows preview on being built
  • Worldbreaker Gun: removed the min range of 1, changed the icon of the Giant Snowball active ability, made it possible to switch back into the normal mode (on switching into the Gaint Snowball Mode there is a 30 second delay on the active ability to keep the initial cooldown intact (would have been skipped after the second mode change else))

Bug Fixes

  • Frost Shard (green): Fixed a bug that prevented the interaction with shatter ice on units.
  • Grove Spirit: Fixed a bug with her U2 upgrade description.
  • Infernal Chain: The given ability can now be properly used every 20 seconds.
  • Lost Evocation: The blue affinity now also effects an unlimited amount of targets (like the red one)
  • Mark of the Keeper: Aligned the range for cardplay block and mode change block to the range of the ability/ranged attacks block (30m to 35m)
  • Mindweaver: Couldn't attack walls for whatever reason. Now can
  • Mo (Promo): Fixed a bug where Promo Mo's Better Blues would only buff damage against units and not also against structures
  • Northern Keep (frost): fixed a bug where the damage reduction from the ability was constantly active and not only while activation of the ability.
  • Parasite Swarm, Stonekin Critters (the ones summoned by Deepfang), Twilight Parasite Swarm (PvE): Can now be properly slowed
  • QueekQueek (normal): can now attack buildings (couldn't before for whatever reason)
  • Sandstorm: Aligned card block radius (15) and corruption radius (20) to both 15m now. Also fixed a bug with the purple affinity that let to it not correctly applying the corruption leading to it only being active for 1 second every 6 seconds.
  • Time Vortex: Gave it 40m attack range like every other tower in the game (except the long range ones)
  • WindHunter, LostSpiritShip, Viridya (+ Promo), Shadow Insect (ability), Swamp Drake (+ Promo), Lost Vigil, Grim Bahir, Skycatcher, Twilight Creeper (the Projectile), Ironclad, Satanael, Infected Tower, Bandit Sorceress: Fixed a bug where the damage radius was applied at the center of a squad and not on the unit hit. They would then deal no damage when the targets were split up enough. Most noticably with projectiles that split squads themself (e.g. WindHunter)
  • Winter Witch: fixed a bug where U1 would cast the ability of U2

Descriptive Changes (and changes to U0/1/2)

  • All Linked Fire cards: Shortend the upgrade description of Linked Fire cards in english and german to better fit the card
  • All Twilight units, Amazon, Nightguard, Mindweaver, MindControl, Parasite Swarm, Lightblade, Bandit Stalker, Corsair, Firesworn, Satanael, Second Chance, Stone Shards, Undead Army, Viridya: Now properly use "unit" instead of "creature"
  • Altar of Chaos: The Nether Bomb is now shadow with 1 orb and not 1 neutral orb anymore
  • Altar of Nihil, Shrine of Greed, Shrine of War, Shrine of Memory, Flame Crystal, Ice Crystal, Dark Crystal, Earth Crystal, Lifestream, Kobold Inc., Fleshbender, Fountain of Rebirth, Healing Gardens, Nox Carrier, all users of Twilight Transformation, Juggernaut, Ice Guardian, Ironclad: Added initial cool-down to the description in some languages
  • Altar of Nihil: added 40 hp to U0/1/2 and reduced the upgrade on U3 to prevent the building from being immediatly destroyed by Kobold Inc.
  • Aura of Corruption: Replaced the word era in english with orb count in the description and added total damage
  • Boom Brothers: now only says Ogre Soldier (like Gunner) because Goblin is not a class in the game
  • Brannoc: removed a star on the ability, because it doesn't actually change
  • Burrow Ritual (both), Dreadnought, Grim Bahir, Lifestream, Shrine of Martyrs: fixed spelling of transferred
  • Death Ray: ability now uses Mode change Icon
  • Dreadnought: Aligned description to the one of Lifestream and changed the Values accordingly
  • Executor: fixed missing %-sign in non-english languages and corrected a russian wording
  • Fallen Skyelf (+ promo): now correctly displays the attack speed of 1,6 instead of 2 and the attack value of 1560 instead of 1400
  • Fallen Skyelf: the debuff on enemy now has the correct description for U1/2/3
  • Fire Stalker: Removed unnecessary unit description
  • Firesworn (both): streamlined some formulations in upgrades and base description
  • Fixed the changes to charges on U0/1/2 for: Bandit Lancer, Fallen Skyelf, Fathom Lord, Magma Spore, Mutating Maniac, Sun Reaver, Swamp Drake, Twilight Creeper, Twilight Hag, Unstable Demon, Virtuoso, Vulcan
    Flame Crystal, Ice Crystal, Dark Crystal, Earth Crystal: Now mentiones how often the ability is reusable
  • Forest Elder: the effect given from the healing ability now differs in description from the one on Forest Elder
  • Frontier Keep (blue): added a missing "m" for the german translation
  • Frost Sorceress: now correctly displays the attack speed of 1,9 instead of 2 and the attack value of 220/235/265/290 instead of 285/300/330/370
  • Furnace of Flesh: fixed the description not properly changing with upgrades (added stars)
  • Gunner and Gladiatrix: now show the proper affinity coloring in their upgrades
  • Hurricane, Ice Tornado, Sandstorm: added a missing point in upper description
  • Icefang Raptor: Descriptions now reflects that the emergency state starts at 450 and not below
  • Imperials: changed * to x in the upgrade description and fixed missing %-signs in the non-english languages
  • Infected Tower: changed upgrade Text to fit on the card on special resolutions (also changed wording from bug to pest to fit the summoned unit)
  • Infernal Chain (both): A lot of descriptive corrections for the given effects (on the chained enemy)
  • Infernal Chain: the blue affinity had the Icon of the green affinity. fixed a typo for the green one
  • Juice Tank: now the buff on U1 shows the proper name and not the description of U3 anymore
  • Kobold Inc, Shrine of War, Infernal Maschine, Soul Splicer, Portal Nexus, all 4 Crystals, Warden's Sigil, Sunken Temple: Corrected the general description to "Support Building, does not attack" to the card description
  • Lifestream: Now mentions the max absorbed damage of 10000, added missing '%' to upgrade descriptions in non-english languages
  • Living Tower: changed english upgrade Text of the AutoCast to fit in with the normal description of damage increase
  • Lost Banestone: Added a missing "." on blue affinity. Now shows a preview circle for the active ability
  • Lost Crawlers (from Lost Reaver), Nether Crawlers (from Grim Bahir), Lost Demon (from Lost Evocation): now properly mention that they don't grant ground presence in their tooltip
  • Lost Evocation: Now describes the ability of the Lost Demon in the card text now
  • Lost Grigori: Attraction now properly has a Mode change Icon
  • Lost Spirit Ship (green): now mentions the maximum heal of 4000 on each target affected by the crystal
  • Lost Warlord: made it more clear in the description that another Ground entity is needed for the ability to work
  • Lyrish Knight: effect on self now shows not-promo Icon
  • Magma Fiend: fixed upgrade description for Fire Stream
  • Magma Spore: fixed upgrade description Icon
  • Mark of the Keeper: Repharsed description
  • Mindweaver: Shortend U3 description to fit on the card on all resolutions (for english)
  • Mo: changed order of abilities in Upgrade to fit normal ordering, fixed capitalization on Mo's Better Blues
  • Morklay Trap: had a hidden damage increase to explosion blast on U3 (wasn't shown because of space). Was removed from U3 and moved to the base version => 690/730/800/880 and 2100/2300/2400/2640 to 770/810/880/880 and 2340/2540/2640/2640
  • Necrofury: now properly has slow as an ability
  • Nightcrawler: the debuff on itself now has the correct description for U1/2/3
  • Nightguard: now properly describes the range gained on U2/3
  • Northern Keep: fixed typos and misleading descriptions. added Icons to Upgrades. added the initial cool-down to the description
  • Northland Drake: Rewrote description to properly describe how the damage against buildings dealt by the ability also increases per upgrade. Additionally, the red affinity now mentions that the damage against frozen targets is not affected by damage modification
  • Northstar (blue): Rephrased the freeze increase ability
  • Nox Carrier, Primal Defender, Wheel Of Gifts, Tortugun: Streamlined Class Descriptions
  • Nox Trooper: fixed upgrade description and a missing star for U2 and U3
  • Noxious Cloud: added a missing verb and a typo in upgrades
  • Offering: now describes that cooldowns on affected cards are removed when using Offering and added the cooldown of Offering itself
  • Overlord: fixed description of blood feast to describe that it heals multiple units not only one
  • Parasite Swarm: U3 Text is now shown correctly on the units ability Icon
  • Parasite: reformulated U1 and U2 upgrades
  • Phalanx: minor wording fix for payback
  • Phase Tower: fixed wording on upgrades and added a missing Icon
  • PvE Lost Vigil: now uses the correct Icon for the Invigoration ability
  • PvE Ship-of-War: hid a unnecessary status bar Icon
  • Pyromaniac: streamlined description Text and gave it the correct class of Tower instead of device
  • QueekQueek (normal): now correctly displays attack value of 510 instead of 660. Changed description of super pig to mention the change to ranged attacks
  • QueekQueek (superpig): Now also shows the correct value of 510 instead of 660. Additionally, changed description of super pig to mention the change to ranged attacks
  • Rageflame: U1 and U2 are now properly described
  • Ravage: streamlined upgrade description
  • Razorleaf (+promo): Now properly has Slow as an ability
  • Revenge: reworded confusing upgrades
  • Rifle Cultists: Streamlined Upgrade description (x instead of * in english)
  • Rogan Kayle (promo): Fixed Capitalization on "It's the Shoes" and shortend the description of "Inspiring Leader". Also fixed some white space mistakes. Additionally, buff on allied units now shows promo Icon
  • Root Nexus (both affinities): Now also has accelerated construction => construction time 20/15/10/10 -> 20/10/10/10, power cost 30/30/30/30 -> 35/35/30/30 and fixed spelling errors
  • Sandstorm: Adjusted the description according to the bugfixes. Made the upgrade description consistent. Additionally, replaced the word era in english with orb count for the corruption.
  • Santa Claus: now has a description at all (now ability was described before) + changed the wording of the effect given by cease-Fire
  • Sataneal: description now properly says that only summoned Snapjaws are buffed
  • Scythe Fiends, Mana Wing, Decomposer, Breeding Ground, Wrecker: Not properly describe if friendly or only own units are targeted by the abilities
  • Shadow Mage: Foul Play now properly describes the maximum damage, specifies that it also hits structures and fixed the buff on the unit only showing U1 even on U3
  • Shatter Ice: changed upgrade description for consistency
  • Shield building: Rephrased ability description
  • Shrine of Greed: renamed the ability in german to "Energie" instead of "Kraft" and brought U3 description in alignment with the other upgrades
  • Shrine of War: renamed the ability in german to "Lied der Schlacht" instead of "Schlachten Lied"
  • Skyelf Commander: now correctly displays the attack speed of 1,6 instead of 2 and the attack value of 1660 instead of 1500
  • Skyelf Sage: now correctly displays the attack speed of 1,6 instead of 2 and the attack value of 1490/1550/1675/1800 instead of 1150/1210/1320/1440
  • Skyelf Templar: now correctly displays the attack speed of 1,6 instead of 2 and the attack value of 1470 instead of 1350
  • Slaver: now mentions the 2 seconds delay after death and that it only affects ground targets but also buildings in all languages
  • Soul Splicer: the description of Soul sharing now fits both affinities and not only the green one
  • Soulshatter: added to the description that it only deals half the damage against structures
  • Spitfire: Shifted around Upgrades in order to streamline upgrade descriptions (Values on U3 stay the same): U1: Ground Bomb +30(40), U2: Air Defense +15(25), U3: Ground Bomb +50(70)
  • Sporelauncher: now properly has slow as an ability
  • Stone Launcher: changed order of abilities in upgrades to fit to the abilities on the card. Renamed the active ability to fit into 1 line on all resolutions
  • Stone of Torment: Malicious Joy has now the AutoCast Icon and thus was reordered. Rephrased the U1 description and reorderd the Upgrades. Mentiones the minimum range of Malicious Joy.
  • Stone Shards: Reordered abilities for consistency
  • Stone Shell (green): added the missing description for duration and reusability
  • Stone Warrior: Gave U0/1 the cooldown reduction of U2 because it couldn't fit the upgrade description any more. Rephrased abilities.
  • Stronghold:  Shifted around Upgrades in order to streamline upgrade descriptions (Values on U3 stay the same): U1: Bombardment +20(30), U2: cannon turrets +14(20), U3: Ground Bomb +40(65)
  • Swiftclaw, Spearmen, Ghostspears: Abilities now properly have a mode change icon and changed the ordering of abilities for Swiftclaw
  • Tempest: Adjusted Description according to the balancing change. Additionally removed the unnecessary upper description
  • Thornbark: now properly uses the description for "shoot faster" linked fire instead of the one from Spikeroots
  • Thugs: gave them back their upgrade description for looter that was missing since recent patches
  • Thunderstorm: Changed Upgrades to make them more consistent with other cards. Now gives 2 more bolts at U1 and U2 and -20 power cost on U3. For that the power cost on U0/1/2 was increased by 10
  • ThunderWagon: now properly has slow as an ability (for the Shoot Mode)
  • Timeless one: added a description for the cast area radius, also reworded german translation
  • Timeshifter Spirit: Rephrased description for both abilities. made it so that the Aura is correctly reapplied when leaving one and entering another
  • Tortugun: changed Icon of Amok to passive since the player can't interact with the mode change
  • Treefiend: now shows the transformation costs in the upper description
  • Tremor: fully describes damage gained against units per upgrade
  • Twilight Creeper: Added a missing whitespace in the red U1, changed the U2 upgrade to an additional target that the parasite spreads to in order to fix an error where it said "infects 1 units", changed U0/1 in accordance to that
  • Twilight Hag: made the description of femme fatal consistent and reordered abilities to fit convention
  • Twilight Pestilence: Rewrote some of the card description and fixed a few typos
  • Unholy Hero: swapped around some upgrade for better progression, also rephrased upgrade descriptions and ability descriptions
  • Unholy power: Cut the sentence that says that the power is slowly decreasing over time
  • Viridya (promo): Added a missing "." to the unit description and a missing white space to U2
  • Virtuoso: made upgrade descriptions formulation consistent (, instead of and)
  • War Eagle: fixed some typos and strange formulations in ability description
  • Warden's Sigil (green): added the sentence that it may be applied to a building under construction (same as the blue one)
  • Warlock: fixed a typo in ability description and reformulated
  • Wheel of Gifts: Changed Implementation of the abilities in a way that won't show the grayed out other options on choosing an option anymore. Additionally, removed a false star on "Gift of Juvenescence"
  • White Rangers: shortend the class name to still fit on the card on lower resolutions
  • Wildfire: made upgrade descriptions formulation consistent (, instead of and)
  • Winter Witch: fixed mistakes in upgrade description and frost Beam description. now mentions the time until the enemy is frozen (also in the upgrades)
  • WinterTide (purple): Replaced "on top" with "additionally" in the description
  • Witchclaws: made upgrade descriptions of the red one consistent with the purple one
  • Worldbreaker Gun: shuffled the upgrades so that they all fit the card on all resolutions (adjusted attack values on U1/2 accordingly), completely reworked description to fit the new behaviour
  • Wrathblades: fixed capitalization in upgrade description and missing %-sign in non-english languages
  • Wrathgazer: added missing slow ability
  • Wrathgazer: Rephrased Pain Link and it's upgrade description + the upgrade description of U3
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