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Community update #4 - June 5th 2021


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Greetings Skylords!

It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn!
Some exciting news to start off this community update: 

New cards development: starting soon


We have reached a great milestone: we are ready to create some new cards! We will release these new cards in batches, instead of a full expansion. Our plan for the first batch is to create new cards for 3 different factions, with up to 9 cards added in total. We are also planning to add affinities to some, if not all, of these cards.

As a thank you to our (Moon and higher) patrons, they will have a chance to vote on the 3 factions which we will create cards for. The two most picked factions will receive new cards. The Skylords Reborn team will then pick the last faction to create new cards for, resulting in a total of up to 9 brand new cards (excluding affinities) for the game! 

Don't worry, we plan to add new cards to each faction over time, the current voting only impacts the order of our release.

A few things to note:
• The poll will be open for one week, until the 11th of June.
• Voting happens on Patreon. Moon tier and higher Patrons will be able to vote. 
• The factions to vote for are: Fire • Frost • Shadow • Nature • Bandits • Stonekin • Lost Souls • Twilight • Amii (Nature/Shadow).
• We are currently not able to add Fire/Frost cards.
• We have not commited to a 3-3-3 split, some factions might get more or less cards, depending on their needs or design space. 
• People vote for the faction, not the actual cards. Our balance and development teams will look at what cards to add, and what role they will play.
• Since this is new territory for us, we are currently not able to say when new cards will be ready, and when the vote for the next batch will be. We will be actively working on this, but we don't want to rush out new cards.

Changes to Patreon benefits
From now on, being subscribed on Patreon with at least the Moon tier will give you a vote for the next poll. Once a new poll is here and you unsubscribed in between, we will reach out to you to ask for your vote. After a poll is done, you will only be allowed to vote in the next poll if you subscribe for at least one month again.

We hope this new flexibility will make it easier to support the project in a way you feel comfortable with.

New Cards2.png

Fire/Frost cards 
Let's talk about the elephant in the room: Fire/Frost cards. As most of you are aware, EA never released a single Fire/Frost card before the servers got shut down. Because of this, there is no cardframe for a Fire/Frost card in the game, and because of the way the game is written, it's currently not possible to add new cards for this faction.

We are however hard at work to make this possible in the future.

More factions for rPvE (on the test server)
We rolled out a change on the test server which unlocks more factions in rPvE. For example, its now possible to play against Lost Souls in 1 player rPvE. You can read the patch notes that includes this change and how to join the test server here. This is currently still being tested, so please let us know on our rPvE Discord server if you run into anything weird.

Prior to this change you could only receive:
• Luminousland, Jungleland, Winterland and Lavaland in 4 player rPvE
• Bushland, Ghostland and Twilightland in 2 player rPvE
• Greenland, Frostland and Cactusland in 1 player rPvE

We also have plans to add Shadow, Nature, Fire and Frost as enemies in the future, resulting in four more factions you might fight your way through rPvE. It's already possible to test these out in the community map section on both the test and live server. 

We hope you will enjoy this new content on the test server and we hope to bring it to the live servers soon.

New PvE Taskforce


In the last community update we shared our design philosophy. In an effort to gather good PvE feedback for the future, we are happy to announce our newly constituted PvE Taskforce! For now, we have decided to include 5 initial members:

1. Lebovim – Mapmaker, Skylord of Honor, Master of the Skylords Reborn wiki, and one of the game’s top speedrunners.
2. Keksmonsta – Top PvE player with a wide and deep knowledge of the game who has shown his ability to constructively represent the interests of the competitive PvE and speedrunner communities.
3. Volin – Very active and helpful top RPvE player. Volin’s knowledge of PvE and RPvE will help us to have the knowledge to make informed design decisions.
4. Chibiterasu – Our own beloved balancing developer, Chibi has already been partially playing this role in the background, we now want to formalize and expand it.
5. Bini Inibitor – Bini has previously proven himself full of good suggestions, the initial idea to allow heal/rejuvenation stacking should be credited to him, the further development of the idea to Chibi.

As you might have noticed, we tried to include representatives of the different segments of the Skylords community, from average players up to the game’s top speedrunners. In the future, we would like to rotate in guest members as well.

Additionally, in the near future we will be releasing a document detailing our new balancing process. While we are happy with the progress we have made recently, we also think that a more defined process with set deadlines will help us to increase our pace of development, especially as we begin adding new cards to the game. This will also come with larger changes to the balancing discord.

Upcoming Tournaments
As we mentioned in our first community update, you can also check out the new tournaments and events happening in-game. Just click the scroll on the menu and check out the event tab for the upcoming events you can participate in. 

• Official PvE Contest#1 Siege of Hope 
Our first official PvE contest is running! Play Siege of Hope Expert with a twist! Our Event Organizer has created a point system that allows multiple strategies and hopefully rewards for thinking outside of the box. Speedrunning still gets you points, but speedrunning alone won't be enough to win this one! A promo of your choice is one of the prizes, so make sure to check it out!

• Finished: Community Challenge #3: King's Ridge
The King's Ridge PvE contest has finished! Check out the winners here.


New Team Members
We mentioned earlier that we are looking into making Fire/Frost cards possible. A key member in this task is Kubik, who has returned to the project as Client/Reverse Engineer Developer.

We are also planning to add more server developers in the very near future to speed up progress. We are still looking for new team members however! If you want to see Skylords Reborn succeed, please take a look at how you can help


In conclusion
We are very excited to be at a point where we can actively start working towards adding new cards into Skylords Reborn. We hope you will continue to join us on the ride!

Thanks for reading! Here is a scratch code you can redeem in-game for 100bfp. The code is valid till June 19th.

Community Update #1
Community Update #2
Community Update #3

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  • Majora changed the title to Community update #4 - June 5th 2021
13 minutes ago, Dallarian said:

Will all cards have their unique edition symbol?
I guess you can't add new one to the game.

I think it is currently not possible to add a new one, so we will probably just use the latest one (which was a small edition anyway). But maybe during the process we will figure out a way to add a new symbol :)

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Unpopular opinion: Fix the existing factions first instead of working on making Fire-Frost cards a thing (or introducing dozens of new cards). No need for more splash cards as long as stonekin are ingame unchanged and bandits suffer from being among the worst pvp decks out there...

Edited by DarcReaver
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2 hours ago, DarcReaver said:

Unpopular opinion: Fix the existing factions first instead of working on making Fire-Frost cards a thing (or introducing dozens of new cards). No need for more splash cards as long as stonekin are ingame unchanged and bandits suffer from being among the worst pvp decks out there...

We are, and will still be, working on the current factions and cards. We feel, especially given the many requests for new cards, that we are now in a spot where we can, and should, do both. 

Dallarian likes this
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